Hey David, I deleted the X FAQ page and instead made a link from Covell Village page to that FAQ. Because it was a verbatim copy of that page, it's better to just link it from the appropriate spot. You would have had to link to it from the Covell Village page anyway (so that people would find it). I hope this is okay!PhilipNeustrom

I understand that copy and paste is bad, but putting the FAQ on the wiki allows people to debate things in context. Like that CO2 question i had. - arlen

You can bring it back, of course (I didn't see the comment in the page). I think we should concentrate on refactoring the Covell Village page to include as much information (pro/con and detailed) as possible. Discussions are much harder to read. We can integrate the items from the FAQ into the page alongside possible objections, it just takes more work. In the end, though, it's worth it..PhilipNeustrom

Okay, I brought it back because of your objection and because a lot of that information is not yet integrated into the Covell Village page. (However, I still think it seems like an advertisement — especially since it was copied from a campaign website. Like most FAQs, it asks only the questions it knows the answers to best. We should work on providing the best information possible..)PhilipNeustrom