David Nguyen's Biography:

Name: David Hoang Nguyen Occupation: Freshman student at University of California, Davis Phone: 408 239 6389 Resident: 492 La Rue Rd. 311A Davis, CA 95616 David Nguyen is a freshman student at University of California, Davis. He typically enjoys watching movies, hanging out with friends, shooting pool, listen and play music, working out; he is up for anything that is fun. David is currently a Computer Science major but intends to change it to something in the Biological Science field, perhaps something that relates to pharmaceuticals. David Nguyen - Biography: • Born in San Jose, CA. • Graduated from Del Mar High School.

*Plays the guitar/piano.

• Enjoys watching movies. • Enjoys working out and playing sports. • Toured many regions of Asia.


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2008-05-15 18:31:05   welcome to the wiki David! —MattHh

2008-05-16 10:07:48   Howdy, and welcome to the wiki! Did you take that photo of La Rue Field yourself, or did you get it from a website? If you don't have permission to reproduce it, it can't be used on the wiki. Great writeup, though! —JabberWokky