Deb Westergaard moved to Davis in 1986 to attend UCD and get away from her parents (in Columbus, Ohio). While at UCDavis she joined the Cal Aggie Marching Band and met a lot of really cool people, including her fabulous trombone-playing husband Rob. While in the band, she played sousaphone (the first female freshman sousaphone player in the history of the band) and cymbals and was the band historian from '90-'91. After graduating with a major in Psychology (and surviving the first recession) she went to work on visual effects for motion pictures at George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic. 7 years later Deb decided to break out on her own and start her own photography business, Deb Westergaard Photography. She specializes in photojournalistic portrait photography for weddings, families, couples and events. She has since moved back to Davis with her husband, 4 year old daughter and new son. Deb has continued her musical pursuits by starting an a cappella group O-Face! with her husband Rob. In addition, she has played cymbals for 20 years with the California Repercussions band and has traveled with them on 7 international trips including 10 different countries. If you are looking for a wedding or family photographer, be sure to contact Deb!