Name: Dimitri Horaites

Phone Number: (530) 297-6637

Personality: Usually polite and reserved. In the right context, quite acceptably entertaining.


Gaming: Role Playing Games (Member of DRAGON and former President), Board Games, Card Games (Collectible and Traditional), Turn based Computer Games etc.

Anime and Manga (Longtime Member of the Davis Anime Club) Science Fiction Fantasy Fiction Historical Fiction Short Fiction (Reading and Writing) Comics (Web and Print.) Poetry (Reading and Writing) Art Food - Dimitri is making a semi-serious attempt to try every restaurant in Davis and visit them often enough to have an informed opinion. Also, shows some small aptitude for cooking. Getting a taste for wines and spirits. Biking - Dimitri does not drive and does not even have a license. International Politics, History and Culture - No really. New Age Stuff.

""Short Bio:"" From mostly the Bay Area. UC Davis Alum. BA in International Relations and Minor in Asian Studies. Now works for a website company in Davis.


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2007-05-24 22:10:00   I've got to ask if you've ever walked through the tunnel that you added to the Tunnels On Campus page. —JasonAller

2007-05-24 22:44:21   Yes. I got a little lost and ended up using tunnels I didn't originally realize were there to go from Wellman to the MUGA. —Dimitri

2007-05-25 01:19:02   Are you sure? I've studied the plans for MU and I'm not aware of ANY tunnels leaving the quad area. —JasonAller

2007-06-02 17:02:34   Yes. I took the tunnel from Wellman to Kerr and then there was more than one door at that side of the tunnel and one of them led me into the Lower Freeborn/ MU underground area. —Dimitri