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2011-04-20 16:06:20   Welcome to the Wiki! I made a few touch-ups on the Sew Many Things! page. Rather than leaving comments there, you can easily add information to the main entry for the page. Just hit the edit button up near the page title and dig right in! Take a moment to read over the business owner welcome page. It's got good information on what to expect on the wiki and how to effectively present a business page (it's about the business from the community's perspective, rather than by the business representing itself to the community). If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to ask. Quite a few people watch the Recent Changes, so it generally doesn't take long for someone to drop by and help out.

I went ahead and added a link to the Sew Many Things! page from Tailoring, since it looks like you guys do alterations. You might want to look around for other ways to connect the page to others on the Wiki. The more connections, the better the Wiki is as a resource for the community, and the easier it is for people to find your business. —TomGarberson