Elizabeth with poodle pup

Hi, everyone my name is Elizabeth Barthel and I am a newcomer to Davis Wiki, at least in making my own sites and pages although I have been looking up information on the site for sometime now.

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I am a very inquisitive individual that enjoys spreading my time with several organizations. I like to do community service and hang out with friends. I have participated in teo IM sports including inner tube water polo which I highly recommend and IM softball.

Elizabeth ready to process radiograph:Got to love digital technology

Elizabeth and friends The Tran, Linda Luo, and Maddie at DCON Awards Banquet

Pet's Profile

Trooper is a four year old purebred Golden Retriever who loves to play with squeaky toys, frisbees, fetch tennis balls, and most of all play wiht other dogs at the dog park. Trooper loves the beach and enjoys long walks. He loves to be bathes and brushed and can be found at the self-washing pet service with Elizabeth. Trooper is an outgoing, friendly dog who is eager to learn and full of energy. Trooper is the best dog in the world!!!


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2007-05-03 23:57:35   you put a lot of work into your pet sitting page. it shows. good job. —JessicaRockwell

2007-08-12 22:43:42   Hey, didja take that photo you uploaded to the strings page or get permission to put it up? —PhilipNeustrom

2007-08-23 17:53:03   Howdy, Elizabeth... I deleted and reposted the Golden Oldies event because there were some markup errors that were messing up later events. I tried to keep it as similar as possible, but I did move up the event description to the top of the event. You might want to read it and make sure it is what you want. If you want to change it, just copy and repost it and delete my version. The underlines were causing problems, so you might want to avoid using them. —JabberWokky

2008-11-20 18:43:37   Your pages (with the left/right parallel images bordering a list) break the css, makes me sad because we thought that glitch would never come up :( oh well, one day to be fixed. —DavidPoole

2011-05-31 13:16:56   Hey Elizabeth, that coupon and the "mention Davis wiki" thing seem pretty promotional. The wiki, as part of Wiki Spot, is prohibited from promoting businesses or being used as a promotional (rather than informational) tool. Personally, I'm all for having coupons available, but the Wiki probably isn't the proper venue for distributing them. A better bet would be to note something like "they have a coupon coming out in the Little Green Coupon Machine which you can download (link, once it's available)." —TomGarberson

2011-06-01 07:34:01   (Disclaimer: a good chunk of my business is selling and syndicating coupons to newspapers) It's a matter of what the IRS considers over the line (see at the very bottom of the page — where is says that we're a 501(c)3 non-profit?). Nobody is absolutely sure where the line is. Personally, I'd love to see coupons all over the wiki, as I think it would be an added service to the community through the wiki (not that everybody would see it that way, so it would still be a community discussion)... but it would probably conflict with the whole non-commercial mandate we have from the IRS. —JabberWokky

2011-06-06 14:46:59   As far as I know it's not possible... sorry! —TomGarberson

2011-10-01 15:41:23   Hey Elizabeth, I'm not sure you'll get a response from anybody on the Davis Life Wiki page. The editor had some bad experiences here, and doesn't really check their page (pretty much ever). You might want to try contacting them directly through their site. I'm pretty sure they would be interested in another blogger! —Davidlm

2012-02-14 16:23:58   Elizabeth, I prefer to deal with this on the wiki because several people have asked you in person to control your dogs and stop bringing so many to the dog park at once, and you have not listened. I do not have a dog and have never been a client, but I am asking you, on behalf of many people who are fed up with you, to respect the dog park rules. I have been to the dog park when I lived with dogs last year, and witnessed you breaking the rules first-hand. Of course, I cannot claim to have confronted you then, but have been told several stories by multiple people about their confrontations with you. Just because your clients are happy, or just because you have a business, or just because you think you can handle so many dogs, doesn't make it okay to disrespect the other dog owners at the dog park. Just follow the rules like everybody else. —MeggoWaffle

2012-02-20 16:02:28   or you could just follow the rules and reduce the # of dogs you take to the park at a time. Please don't remove other people's comments. —PeterBoulay

2012-02-20 16:49:03   Yes I just reviewed the edits. I apologize— I was going by your statement on Covertprofessor's file: [I am removing your comment]. —PeterBoulay

2012-02-20 18:58:20   Honestly, I don't know what to say. You keep claiming no one has ever complained to you, and I know several people who have. I'm not going to name them because I shouldn't have to- it's not my fault that you don't remember and not my place to out them online. If you're looking at facts, costs, and time involved? Fact: there are rules. Fact: you have no right to break the rules. Fact: following the rules and taking three dogs at a time still makes you $75/hour. I don't have any other suggestions. If I were you, I would take other peoples' concerns seriously instead of brushing them off just because you have a business and a degree in Animal Science. Just try to run your business the best you can while staying within the rules. Pretty simple. —MeggoWaffle

2012-02-20 19:20:26   Elizabeth, I am sorry, I don't know of any place nearby where it is legal to have that many dogs off leash. And I happen to think that there is a good reason for that. Surely you know that even the most well-behaved dog can be provoked, and that even the best of dog handlers could run into trouble because there is too much for one person to deal with. Even if this is rare, the rule is there because many dogs are not the most well-behaved and many people are not expert dog-handlers — again, as I am sure you know. If you think an exception ought to be made for you and the dogs you watch, perhaps you should lobby with DDOG for some sort of dog handler certification that would permit exceptions to the rule. —CovertProfessor

2013-03-19 08:27:21   The sentence you just deleted from the page for your pet sitting business is the product of an ongoing discussion here. You may wish to participate. —CovertProfessor

2013-03-19 13:23:28   I saw you walking with a friend a couple days ago, I recognized you after the fact... —StevenDaubert

2013-03-19 20:40:59   Elizabeth—I'm sorry but other people besides me are complaining about your practices. It's not just me and it's not a direct personal attack. Please consider the following points: 1) You now have 2 documented dog-bite concerns about your dog and how you handle clients' animals in parks. 2) You are evasive and defensive when asked basic questions and 3) You are stating you are part of a pet-sitter group where noone can find you listed. Sorry with those concerns, any pet owner considering your service should be aware of those concerns so they can make an informed decision. I have never posted anywhere—for anyone not to use your service....but these are legitimate concerns.

If you want to stop these concerns, then please try to address people's concerns appropriately instead of giving excuses like Meg mentioned. You can also get yourself listed in the PSI directory properly-that has been requested by at least one other person. Also check out David's comment.

Also note that others are mostly in agreement with the new statement that I worded. This Wiki generally goes by consensus of those on the Wiki.

Any business owner is passioniate about their work—I get that and I appreciate it. I believe there are things you can do to make your business venture appear better on the Wiki. I encourage you to identify and take those steps which will lead to future success.

Thank you for your thoughts. —PeteB

2013-03-19 21:50:45   Elizabeth—you post the logo of PSI-we look and can't find you there. PLEASE tell us how we are supposed to react other than concerned?? Why don't you *call* them and get it fixed so you come up under Davis zipcodes? That's a concern you can wipe out with one phone call—maybe 2. That's an easy fix for you to do. —PeteB

2013-03-20 11:26:17   Nice work resolving *this* step quickly and efficiently. —PeteB

2013-08-29 12:45:34   Elizabeth-I know nothing about them. Sorry...if I get a chance I'll research them but I'm leaving work early and will be gone all day Friday —PeteB