Eric is from Reno Neveda.

Do you enjoy Davis? —StevenDaubert

Howdy Eric, it might be a good idea to calm down a bit with your edits. You might want to consider:

  • Talking to the people who you're disagreeing with. Work with them (and it is work) to find a common ground that will make you both feel that the edit is acceptable. It may not be what you want, but then the other person is likely yielding on their vision of what the entry should be. Middle ground is a good objective. Think of the other person as a roommate... you both might disagree, but you both have to come to some sort of agreement.

  • If you've gotten a bit excited about editing and defending your ideas, you might try relaxing for a bit and coming back later. Check out the tongue in cheek Wiki Chill Pill entry. You're not the first to get overly protective of their vision of what is clearly the right edit. Heck, I've done it plenty of times. Relaxing and taking a break for awhile is a good idea at times.