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2005-03-04 01:02:04   whoah. —GeorgeLewis

2005-03-05 00:34:01   yay you figured out how to do the comment box! —MiriamKaufman

2005-03-05 00:35:14   oops - that was really me, not Miriam —LizaInfeld

2005-03-07 01:04:06   "Savage motherfucker" — now that's a name that I've not heard in a long time, a long time. —JaimeRaba (now deleted. See old version of page.

2005-03-09 12:06:20   There are, in fact, other knights in Davis. —SirPallas

2005-03-09 12:37:05   Apparently there are...maybe someone should edit this page? Who wrote this crap anyway? hehe —GeorgeLewis

2005-03-14 12:24:38   after reading this page, i don't think anyone at greystone would attempt to kick your ass if you snuck in :-) —CraigBrozinsky

2005-03-21 09:14:58   Where is the Atheist Quarterly? —JimSchwab

2005-03-21 13:14:05   Everything is relative including objectivity. Objectivity is contradictory. As we have seen on these recent revert wars, at is objective to one person is biased to another. The person stating that they are objective, might not be objective. So, someone may believe they are objective when they are not. So objectivity is relative. Although I am probably full of s**t. —JimSchwab

2005-03-21 13:21:29   You know I think we agree...we just have our own way of saying it. —JimSchwab

2005-03-21 15:20:32   i really have never been to the free breakfast, but according to my roomates they dont check. my roomates used to bring friends too. enjoy your breakfast —AshleyOrsaba

2005-03-21 15:22:00   You know, I'm coming to an Agnostic and Atheist Student Association's meeting next quarter. I may be a Jew, but I'm spiritually agnostic. —SS

2005-03-21 15:28:25   Is that a threat or a promise? LOL —JimSchwab

2005-03-21 15:29:48   Now now, I have an endearing personality, once you get to know me. ;) —SS

2005-04-03 10:02:33   George, I'm not sure if it was you, but someone from AASA approached NOW about doing a forum on the affect of Religion on the Womans movement. We are very interested if the idea is still on the table —JimSchwab

2005-04-03 21:32:49   I will actually try to make it to the meeting....I am bored of the Dems meetings —JimSchwab

2005-04-18 10:00:23   Sorry, I will yell at Arlen —JimSchwab

2005-05-19 02:24:14   this link will hopefully get you to the picture I took of you and the preacher. —KrisFricke

2005-06-01 13:44:46   For someone who hates everybody, I think its awesome that George is on a committee with the word "relations" in its title. —JimSchwab

2005-06-01 14:46:31   hehe...A perfect example of when I have to pretend to get a long with some people when I really just hate them. —GeorgeLewis

2005-06-08 18:02:00   It was probably just part of the Davis model lease. —JaimeRaba

2005-06-30 01:22:11   thanks for helping polish my page! ~julia —JuliaMendoza

2005-07-01 04:28:12   hey hey for geocaching —BrianFong

2005-07-20 19:55:18   otherwise sir george will run wild on you —JimSchwab

2005-07-25 18:08:40   Around for the summer and want to join the wiki poker club? —ScottRitchie

2006-02-28 10:57:40   "Things that irk Sir George:" jeans in uggs! mwahaha —NatalieKitchiner

2007-11-14 11:16:35   Hey, I know you! I found you through random page browsing on the wiki, fancy that. —ScarlettYing

2008-01-08 11:38:41   Hello George. —JamesSchwab

2008-02-07 19:21:57   re: fake posts. I'd say just remove them, throw a note up on the Talk page, and see if anyone complains. —PhilipNeustrom

2008-12-17 23:54:14   Belay that, did you realize you were editing the Blackman & Guerrieri page? —JoePomidor

2015-06-04 15:59:21   thanks —StevenDaubert