1. He is the shit

2. My last name actually is McAllisterBitch so suck on that bitches.

3. Why do you hit double space and then backspace? Why? WHY!!!!!?

4.Ok so what the hell do you want to know besides the fact that im so much better than you that you have no hope of equalling my greatness?

5. See #1


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You seem to have used another account (VickieLee) to spam some links. Hopefully you were just joking around (I think you were), because we don't really like Wiki Spam 'round these parts.PhilipNeustrom

  • I was so going to delete this page until I realized that there was actually someone with this name in Davis. It is Saint Pat's day, but be careful editing while drunk — we once banned an admin (temporarily) for editing while intoxicated. —BrentLaabs

IanMcAllister is AWESOME.VickieLee