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2008-06-17 07:48:23   I hope you understand that this entry keeps being recreated because it's the way that people send messages back and forth on the wiki... there's nobody insisting that you have a personal entry, but it's the conventional way in which people communicate with you as a fellow editor (there is a link to this entry after each edit in the edit history, and a link is signed when you add a comment, plus you are notified when somebody edits this entry). I don't think anybody minds if you delete them after you read them (many other editors also clear out their messages either when read or periodically), but nobody is being hostile just by leaving a message for you here. The personal entries are personal just by tradition, and there is also a tradition of using them to communicate. Your delete comments recently seem to indicate you feel you are being attacked when people add a comment here, and I hope you understand that it's just people being polite by communicating with you. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards