Berkeley resident from 1984-86 and 1989-1997, and UC Berkeley grad student from 1984-86 and 1994-97. Oakland resident from 1986-1989 and 1997-present; Oakland attorney since 1997. Chair of Oakland's Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board from 2006-2008. Amateur historian, especially interested in railroads and buildings that no longer exist, and the changing pattern of roads/freeways/land use.  On Twitter at Some of my pix are posted on Flickr.  



Welcome! Wow, the Landmarks Advisory Board! You are among friends here :). Let me know if you ever have any questions. And if you'd like to participate in discussion with other Oak Wiki people, our listserv is at!forum/oaklandwiki . (Also, I recently received an envelope of CD's that contain landmarks-related media from Nicole (the city's online engagement manager). We are working on a technical solution that will let us import and create entries (with a map) for every landmark.) - mk30

Thx for the welcome.  That would be great if you can import the landmarks entries.  I could easily spend hours 'n hours (time I really don't have at the moment) on this site, so I will have to ration myself. 

Hello NAParish!  Wonderful contributions!  And thank you for your kind words ... it's much appreciated!  Just came across all your Oakland photos on Flickriver when I was searching for Oak Knoll Naval Hospital ... VERY gorgeous!! JP