Who am I? I’m Anonymous…but you know me! I’m the telemarketer who calls you during dinner. I’m the person trying to sell you generic Viagra online (maybe you’ve gotten my email/?) I’m the one with too many items in the express lane at the supermarket. I’m the one who passed wind in the elevator before I got off on my floor. I’m the person who always “takes a penny,” but never “leaves a penny.” I’m the one who took two parking spots because my SUV was too big for one. I’m the last person to use the public toilet but didn’t flush. I’m the one who was talking on the cell phone during the movie. I’m the person who coughs and sneezes without covering my mouth. I'm the one who throws my cigarette butts in the gutter. I use profanity in front of small children. I don’t recycle, I don’t vote, and I don’t care!


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2007-09-19 09:53:59   To be honest, I really like Do Coyotes and enjoy their food on occassion. But to see the response from people associated with Dos, including yourself, makes me not want to eat there. Please stop doing Dos a disservice and let the issue die. The way the wiki works is if you stop commenting and editing the story will soon be buried among the hundreds of other points of drama.