SAVCLL2016 is a group of three UC Davis students (Alexa Lopez, Vinh Nguyen & Sumiyah Syed) interested in combining health and wellness into the daily lives of the busy college student. We are a part of the Student Leadership Development Program with the Center for Leadership Learning, who provides students with workshops on leadership throughout the quarter and allows students to create a 10-week long group project on any topic they wish that will benefit the greater community in a lasting way. "Students identify issues and opportunities of importance in a community then formulate and implement a project to address local needs." Students present their work to an audience and at the end of completing all required components they receive a certificate of completion. 

Our initiative was to create an all-inclusive map of the popular parks and recreational areas in Davis where students can look up the places of interest on one single map and get detailed information about the area. We included information about what activities and facilities are at the locations as well as some extra useful information and Unitrans bus lines available. The hope is that this easy-to-use map will inspire students to get healthy and take some time from their busy day to take care of their body, mind and soul. The wiki map called Davis Parks, is available on the various park pages as well as on the homepage of Outdoor Activities and Exercise page. 

Sumiyah Syed is a 5th year Biological Psychology major and Education minor. While at UC Davis she has volunteered with the Willow Clinic, a student-run medical health clinic for the homeless population in Sacramento, for five years and served on the leadership team for four years. She was also a student employee with the ARC and Pavilion Event Services for two years and served as a Lead for one year. Currently, Sumiyah is a Registered Behavioral Technician for Behavioral Education for Children with Autism. In the future, she hopes to attend a Masters in Nursing program with the hopes of continuing to get her Medical Doctorate one day. 

Alexa Lopez is a 4th year student studying Exercise Biology . During her time at UC Davis, she has worked at Undergraduate Admissions as a campus tour guide and the College of Biological Sciences as a peer adviser, where she was able to strengthen and further develop her interpersonal communication skills. She has also shared her love of running and fitness with throughout her community by volunteering for local races such as the Napa Valley Marathon, Girls on the Run, and the Positive Energy Kids Triathlon. She remains flexible in her plans after graduation, but hopes to continue sharing her passion for health and wellness with others in addition to finding new ways to challenge herself.

Vinh Nguyen is a 4th year Chemical Engineering major. He was a tutor in Mission College before he transferred to UC Davis. As a tutor, he helped many students to have firm knowledge on Science subjects such as Math, Chemistry, and Physics. Additionally, he has also volunteered in advertising the Tutoring Center so that all students  know about it and where they can go to get help. While at UC Davis he has had part-time job at the Department of Animal Science, and recently got numerous online certificates that are useful for chemical engineering. In the future, he hopes to get a better job after getting his Bachelor of Science degree and to then spend time getting a Master's Degree.

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