Sergio Cano was a fifth-year Mathematics major. He served as Chair of Internal Affairs Commission for 10 quarters, the longest in ASUCD history. During his term on the Internal Affairs Commission he authored over 100 Bills. During his time he helped increase tabling and outreaching efforts for ASUCD with the Outreach Assembly and ensured student government information was available online. He assumed the role of ASUCD Elections Committee Chair after the resignation of the former Elections Committee Chair 3 weeks before ASUCD Winter Election 2011. He also served as Chair of the Renter's Rights Committee. Later, he served as the ASUCD Historian and Archivist where he digitized 25 years of ASUCD history into the Library Special Collections.

As a first-year, he was highly active on the Residence Hall Advisory Board (RHAB). One successful victory included much-needed shower shelves in Residence Halls to prevent future first-years from placing their shower items on the floor and extending DC hours on Friday from 7:00pm to 7:30pm.

He went to Hunan with Joey Chen one day and only got two shrimps in his wonton soup...


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2009-04-25 13:21:49   Sergio is an awesome guy, he single-handily took on the school board or something like that. —GregWebb

2009-09-09 00:52:19   Sergio laughs in the face of Mathematics finals. Truth! —JoeyChen

2010-03-11 22:27:16   Serg - the King of questions-in-text. Congrats on your new chairmanship!!! —RyanMeyerhoff