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2011-08-07 15:27:19   Welcome to the Wiki! I saw your comment on Taste of Thai page, and I have to say KetMoRee across has free Thai Ices Tea refills, and has had it since Day One. —NikhilDahal

2012-01-25 11:41:35   Hey, neat idea for a page! I've been a fan of Tumbleweed for many years now, although they aren't the only players around. I'm a big fan of modern vardos as well. Did you get permission to release those photos to Creative Commons? If not, you can probably just write and ask... and plenty of people have photos of their small houses available. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2012-01-26 09:48:51   As a bit of information: There's some confusion if Bruce has progressed to full blown trolling at this point, or it's just a reflection of his very unique perspective on — well, pretty much everything, including the wiki. He's a nice guy, but probably not the most representative voice when it comes to the traditions of what works on the wiki. Alas, the tiny homes page seems to have acquired some of aura of the recent edits that he has made. It's not fair (and hopefully my pointing it out will help make people try to separate things), but the wiki — like all groups of people — is a social community, so such things happen from time to time. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards, [email protected]

2012-01-26 11:06:43   Steph, I want to echo what JW has said and what others have said on the page about tiny houses that you created. There are two issues going on here. One is that you inadvertently walked into a very long and very frustrating conversation that many of us have had with BH. Many of the pages and edits he's created are far less relevant than what you're proposing, so some of the disagreement is aimed at him rather than at you. The second issue is that, BH aside, some people still want to see more Davis relevance on the page, but others of us (including me) see the page as being on a good track. All of this is part of the collaborative wiki editing process. It can be a bit messy sometimes, and sometimes feathers get ruffled, but we hope that in the end the process is a productive one. Anyway, I hope you stick with the project, the page, and the wiki and continue to work things out with us. So far, so good, as far as I am concerned!


2012-01-26 11:18:37   Thanks CP! I will do so this evening or tomorrow eve. I can do some mods for sure based on the conversation. And I'm serious about starting a group! I could just see a cooperative village of these tiny houses, with a community kitchen and laundry facility. That would be SO Davis! A non-student, modern, mobile version of the Domes. With a couple planned empty spots for traveling houses to park and set awhile. I can dream.... :) -SH —StephHolm

2012-01-26 11:59:51   Hi SH, upon thinking about it and reading comments, I agree that this page has a lot of potential. I changed the page a bit so it didn't irk me as much. Of course, it can be changed :) but now I feel like it's more Davis like and is a good start for your vision. —jsbmeb

2012-01-26 16:23:45   Like I said I feel the Grande School site could be easily (well not so easily bought) repurposed for small home style / co-op style living with a great addition to the greenbelt

When I as a young warthog I dreamed my idear up —StevenDaubert

How exactly do people go about aquiring land within city limits and seeing if this can get done?

2012-01-26 16:36:24   I believe either the City or the DJUSD owns the Grande school site. But if it were another plot of land, it would be a regular purchase and need to go through zoning, I imagine. —jsbmeb DJUSD owns it, it's too small for a elementary school (which is a joke cause it's larger than Korematsu) it's already zoned for usage, but easements / integration into the bike path would be my chief concern Daubert

2012-01-26 16:38:07   Oh, one more thing... it would be cool if the old Sunrise Farm land on E 8th could be used, but it looks like the developer already may have plans for it. —jsbmeb Sunrise farm is a wonderful beautifully place with a horrible stigma and past, any developer would be foolish to develop that land. Have you been there at night / seen / heard of the sketchyness that occurs there? Daubert

Hm. What are the western boundaries of the city limits? The city limits page of the wiki should be updated with the exact boundary lines, the exact street names. From the map there it LOOKS like the western boundary is the final line of houses at the west side of Marina Circle....directly behind those houses happens to be some farmland for sale (or lease)....hmmmm. Bet its a pretty penny tho. - StephHolm

The West side of the Covell Dranage channel is as far as houses / the city limits go on my 500 size (3ftx8ft) address map Daubert

Wha-huh? So all of us over in West Davis, west of the West Pond, are not within the city limits? That can't be right. The map on the City Limits page here on the wiki has a blue outline and it looks like it covers ALL the residential up to the backside of marina circle and those neighborhoods north of it. That huge plot of land right behind that is farmland and it's for sale. -StephHolm

I bought this map from the city, and had public works engineer merge the databases they use (they were upgraded so my map request made them finally get that ball rolling) The Covell Dranage channel goes North to South on the West end of the city, that is the line on the map. West pond is East of that... It curves West to East on Covell, and then heads up 113 to then make the North Boundary for North Davis. The little pockets next to the town (Wisteria, Patwin, Tierra for that little nook near Cactus Corner Barry, Central Sharron for that development down 113 but before MUNI) aren't in Davis. Also El Macero is not in Davis.

That ditch goes behind the houses west of Marina Circle about halfway from Covell to Russell before it heads west. There's only a few yards at most between the ditch and the back yards of the houses. It's one line of backyard fences from Covell to Russell. Those houses are the last ones in Davis —BruceHansen

Thanks Bruce that is what I wasn't sure about.....if it went BEHIND the Marina Cir houses. I was pretty sure I am in the city limits! However I could throw a rock outside the limits from my house! Thanks Everyone for clarifying the city limits issue! - Steph Holm

2012-01-26 17:08:30   Then there is that crazy land of blight, the old processing factory or whatever it is, next to the farmland that is across, more or less, from the North Nugget shopping center. THey have a carnival there once a year I think. What is up with that place? —StephHolm That would be the old Hunts factory When I was young it was a huge warehouse / processing plant for tomatoes. It's since been razed down to the foundation. They left that one tank for when they were going to do the Cannery development, (which would have been fused to Covell Village)

2012-01-26 19:45:48   Well whaddya know.....I just found out on Facebook that 2012 is the "United Nations International Year of Cooperatives." I quote here ( from their website: With the theme of “Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World”, the Year seeks to encourage the growth and establishment of cooperatives all over the world. It also encourages individuals, communities and governments to recognize the agency of cooperatives in helping to achieve internationally agreed upon development goals, such as the Millennium Development Goals The United Nations General Assembly Resolution A/RES/64/136 encourages all member States, the United Nations and all relevant stakeholders to take advantage of the IYC to promote cooperatives and raise awareness of their contribution to social and economic development and promote the formation and growth of cooperatives.

Verrryyy interesting. Maybe something could get started this year! Land donated? Who knows?! —StephHolm

2012-01-26 20:18:55   Two comments: 1) Developer plans have been drawn up for the Cannery; whether anything actually happens with them still remains to be seen (still not approved). 2) See cooperatives page. —CovertProfessor

2012-01-26 20:34:14   It would be cool if there could be a demonstration of Tiny Homes on Grande with temporary utility hookups. The City and the voters have limited Davis' outward expansion and so there's a call for infill. These little houses could be a form of infill. —BruceHansen

2012-01-26 22:16:09   I wonder if the Solar Community Housing Association would be interested in starting a new co-op of these tiny they acquire the land? The diff would be that they would allow the future residents to actually construct their tiny homes there on the land, and other future residents could help and learn. Cooperative-ness even in building the very community! —StephHolm

  • One of the issues is that homes below a certain square footage threshold can not be legally constructed. That's why vardos are popular and the reason most Tumbleweed plans call for building on a trailer. By declaring it a mobile home, you bypass those minimum size requirements. As a result, there's an opportunity because the classification is as a mobile home... and potential pitfalls in zoning for the same reason. If you think that's bad, try one of my other two architectural passions: underground homes. In some states it's pretty much impossible. ⁓ʝ⍵
  • Well, either the SCHA would have to be ok to run a mobile home co-op, or we would do it right outside the city limits. Or, we get the code changed. Perhaps because these tiny homes look so fabulous and craftsman-like, they would change the code for them. Maybe skirting around the trailer would be required. Anyway a mobile home co-op of THESE mobile homes, perhaps that would be an easy sell.... StephHolm

    They are also affordable housing. ⁓ʝ⍵

I was talking to a buddy of mine we can make them like as seen on that site for roughly half the cost.. Daubert

That's pretty much the point. They hold workshops to encourage people to build their own, and encourage using reclaimed wood and similar techniques. ⁓ʝ⍵

One client from Portland Alternative Dwellings HAD HERS built by PAD for 33k. That is significantly less than Tumbleweed building a Tumbleweed. Then, a lady who built her own Tumbleweed in Washington, I think, did so for about $7,000. Obviously there is a cost difference between building it with the plumbing and electrical of an RV and the plumbing and electrical for composting/solar/propane or whatnot, but..... anyway, here in 2012 which is the International Year of Cooperatives, maybe a special grant could be gotten, or something. Some kind of "featured project." I guess I would have to just reserve my spot now, since I won't have my tiny house for a while :) StephHolm

2012-01-30 14:28:36   There are no rules on the wiki, only agreements between individuals. So, if your store seems relevant, then it's fine. It's a collaborative effort among people who have equal rights to the content. (Okay, there are actually a couple rules that the IRS says we have to abide by to stay non-profit, but those seldom come up... make it about the business rather than a commercial, and you're fine). —JabberWokky

2012-01-30 18:25:32   there is also a list of Davisite owned websites —StevenDaubert

2012-01-30 19:16:09   Looks like JW and SD already offered their opinions, so I'll add mine: go for it! I don't see why a Davis-based online business is that different from any other Davis-based business. In fact, when Alphabet Moon closed and cited "competition from the Internet" as one of their reasons for closing, I thought, geez, they could have had an online store and offered free delivery within Davis (one possibility: hire students on bicycles). So, glad to hear that other Davis businesses are doing that. (Of course, competition from Target is another story, but I won't get into that). —CovertProfessor

2012-02-02 06:20:48   Hey, what's on the Facebook page? I can't see it. —JabberWokky

2012-02-02 12:52:19   I don't have a Facebook account. Is there any way to visit without one? —JabberWokky

2012-02-05 18:49:38   Steph, It looks like the Tiny House page started to get converted to third person usage by putting quotes around some first person phrases, but the article hasn't been completely converted. It's possible that might help the movement. I can see of course that your're one of Davis' most ENTHUSIASTIC members. —BruceHansen

2012-02-06 00:07:37   Bruce: I would be shocked if no one else in Davis is considering one of these homes or planning on building one! I was thinking I should mosey down to the Community Cooperative Network and pick some brains about how to get a village started:) —StephHolm

You could also try the Davis Community Network. An active member of the Board of Directors that I met and could be helpful is G. Richard Yamagata. —BruceHansen

2012-02-06 12:01:21   Yahoo is kind of seen as dying (as a company). Their groups have gotten so erratic that a large national group I'm a member of that depends on them is actively looking for other options due to dropped and heavily delayed messages. I'd avoid Yahoo at this point. You could always just create a wiki... when you do so, you can choose to require logins to edit or not. Note that I'm not saying "create a wiki page" but rather a new wiki, like Davis Wiki or Sacramento Wiki. That said, a wiki is a great resource, but does not have mailing lists and the like that are really useful for a more focused group. Google Groups has everything you'd need, but they are changing things around across the board this year. In the past they have allowed you to use them without a Google account (like Yahoo), but I don't know if that will be the case soon. I think so, but I'd verify before committing. Google does have the benefit of having their Data Liberation working group that makes sure you can always leave Google for another service.

There's a big discussion I'm supposed to be following (as I'm the member representative for our local group) about replacing Yahoo. I'll read through it and see what good online community resources have been suggested. —JabberWokky

2012-02-06 12:47:11   It's not so much that as the fact that I can't get any information about the group without signing up to a service. That's kind of the opposite of the point of the world wide web and publishing information. You're publishing information about a group — and then hiding it away. Seems like it should be openly visible. Also, I don't think Google or Bing will index it if it's private, so people who are interested in tiny houses will have trouble finding it. —JabberWokky