Not really an option anymore.  And wiki admins don't have access to the style sheets, so I can't make changes for the community.  -jw

Figured as much. -dg

Thank you for the kind words about my gnomeage, sir. Made me happy. I love being able to contribute even though I'm not longer in the area. I love and miss the town so much and think it's awesome that we stewards of the wiki are likewise ambassadors to Davis in that we're able to help provide and maintain this high-quality resource. I wish I could easily visit town so I could go on photo missions, for example, and create firsthand-experience content again! I've been on informal hiatus from editing for several years now for no particular reason (probably due in large part to no longer residing in the area), but recently found myself drawn back in; the sirens of beloved Davis called, I guess! It's a great feeling, feeling useful in helping create content based on my personal Davis knowledge cauldron. It's equally gratifying helping research town history (as best as I can from so far away) and being able to help shape this resource alongside other people who really care right down to the details. Anyway, thanks for the camaraderie. Keep on rockin'. =)