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2011-03-29 14:34:11   I objected to the language used to convey his thoughts, for whatever purpose. I don't feel it is ever appropriate to use vulgarity on any information style site. Period. I responded to Meg due to the fact that the only part of the entire thing on the Ban Josh Lawson page was the sexist statements. While I agree with this, it skipped the entire point of the page in general and focused on one part. She is trying to turn it into a male vs. female forum and it is not, not one of us feels that any of the statements made by Josh were appropriate and they go far beyond the few instances of gender usage or insult. The statement I made "People like you..." refers to the people who skip everything that was being discussed and find the one small grain they can relate to or disagree with and base their entire opinion on that, if not attempt to redirect the entire conversation to that topic, as Meg did on the page.

I hold no tolerance for anyone who uses such terms, nor do I hold any for people who try to manipulate a topic to suit their own agendas as she did. —Wes-P

2011-03-29 18:03:14   Thanks for your comment, Sue. I understand where you are coming from and I wouldn't blame you for being concerned about the threat of violence if a man used those terms to you. I left a reply to Olivia which clarified my viewpoint a little more, but I will repost it here because the Ban page may be deleted soon, and I thought you might be interested in reading it. "I know this is getting off-topic, but I can't resist replying because this an interesting topic and Olivia raised some stuff that I hadn't thought about before. I see how the threat of rape could definitely concern a woman, particularly in face-to-face encounters where a man uses those sorts of terms. Politically and financially, however, it seems as though women may eventually eclipse men in terms of power, so I think that is one reason why "bitch", at least in some situations, doesn't always carry the same sense of horror for the general population as, say, the n-word. American women are clearly pushing back hard from their historic oppression, with something like 60 percent of women attending college compared to 50 percent for men. Many blacks, on the other hand, are still struggling in marginalization and their college attendance figures and graduation rates are much lower, which is uncomfortable evidence that racial issues still persist in the USA. I think it's things like this that make an entry entitled Bikes are for Bitches (and Ladies) humorously acceptable whereas an entry called "Knick-knacks for Ni**gers" would make a lot of people shriek in disgust, even if the club was created by a black person. But is it truly a double-standard that we would allow one and not the other? If we allow one person to say "bitch", even if its a feminist who said it, I believe everyone should be allowed to." —ScottMeehleib

  • Scott, I appreciate your response and it does help me understand a different view of the double-standard. The bitch N-word example misses a bit. I would never use the word bitch to refer to a woman and don't appreciate others who do, but it isn't threatening the way that cunt and fuck are. The increased power of women in the professions and in education didn't occur to me as a factor in changing the public reaction to gender slurs. I don't think it should change the public reaction to threatening violent words. For context, I retired nearly 20 years ago from programming and always felt privileged to have work that was so much fun for for which I felt more than fairly paid. I did experience minor rude treatment by engineering classmates at Cornell in the 50's. The engineering schools put up obstacles to dissuade me from taking electives, but nothing that turned out to be of any consequence.
    • I also appreciate your perspective and the well-intentioned spirit behind your posts. Your thoughts have caused me to question my own viewpoints and some of the assumptions I have previously made. -SM

2011-03-29 22:06:52   All of the folks involved in this discourse have done a really good job of laying out both sides. I don't have anything to add, just thought I'd chime in with a "well put" for everyone involved. —TomGarberson

2011-05-20 09:44:35   Edit and the Comment bar both work just fine. You can also add information right into the main text of the page—that's what it's there for, after all! Sounds like a fun sighting. My wife and I saw what I think were two Sand Hill Cranes at West Area Pond a week or two ago... doesn't seem too common in town. —TomGarberson

2011-06-13 09:51:00   They're still someone's father? —hankim

2011-08-03 14:58:04   Ha! Mystery solved. Wow... I would have just walked up and peeked in the box. Not out of stupidity; I would have left alone random boxes in London when the IRA was doing their thing. But I'm pretty comfortable that a shoebox in a plastic bag in a stairwell in Davis is statistically likely to be just lost and found, not a bomb... to the point that poking into them on a regular basis is probably safer than a decade of riding a bike in a bike lane. While wearing a helmet. Although you'll probably find kitty litter or an old lunch at some point if you looked into enough randomly discarded bags. —JabberWokky

2011-08-03 20:54:58   THANK YOU I knew something was happening because they had the bank block on lockdown, luckily it was a false alarm. —NikhilDahal

2011-08-07 16:40:51   It was interesting to learn that Clint Eastwood has a connection to our community! —ScottMeehleib

2011-10-15 17:31:39   Thanks! There is another older article by the same guy that talks about neo-liberalism, highly recommended if you enjoyed the other rolling stones one I posted. —ConsciousConsumer

2012-07-23 13:58:45   Thanks for adding that NYT article. Fun read. —TomGarberson

2013-06-21 09:24:18   Thanks for the comment. Some of the pilots at Yolo have been working to improve relations with our non-aviation neighbors. If you'd like to come over to the airport and look around and maybe take an airplane ride give me a call at JK microsystems. —JimStewart

2015-01-28 15:45:40   No worries. We both had the same thought and just happened to do our separate edits at the same time. I am pretty sure I got everything semi-correct (I feel like some indentation was lost), but you might want to double check. I've been getting emails that echo your thoughts. —JabberWokky

2015-03-18 19:09:40   U r welcome! :-) —ConstantiaOomen

2015-03-22 13:39:29   Thanks for your comment. I guess everybody is in the observation mode right now. It's true, I haven't same some familiar names editing in a while, but I think most of them will pop up again. I find the "tag" thing a bit confusing. I guess I confused it at first with "meta tags" you put in websites long ago. —ConstantiaOomen

2015-04-04 21:27:41   This is very strange. I *know* I did the exact same spam removal you just did, with the comment "Spaaaaaaaam." But mine is not showing up. Odd... —JabberWokky

2015-04-20 15:09:16   Thanks, Sue. :-) I enjoy contributing! —ConstantiaOomen

2015-07-17 16:26:45   Sheepishly, I will admit that I didn't realize I could lock that page. After a week or so, I will unlock it. —JabberWokky

2015-11-29 02:04:45   Vandalism or confusion? When we had accounts to edit there were always the panicked, "I deleted the page, and I don't know what I did!" pleas for help. Either way, thanks for the restore. —JabberWokky

2015-11-29 12:27:51   No worries, it was far more a camaraderie/observational comment than any kind of gripe. Since the new software I've been using the RSS feed to monitor the site, which means that I see the updates delayed by a bit. As a result, I almost always come in when somebody else has already fixed a bad edit like that. I figured I should say thank you to fellow editors helping out. —JabberWokky

2017-06-07 01:35:54   There is a lot of pre-Wiki-expansion stuff kicking around here that is the general region + 70 miles in many directions. My specific issue with that coffee shop is that it was flooded in tags and big photos. I am trying to convert restaurant pages into Wiki-standard format as they come in, but I don't have portable-internet that would allow me to easily go downtown and walk the streets creating new pages for every new storefront. —JudithTruman

2019-03-13 16:46:24   Thanks, Sue, for restoring my page, it seems another someone is out for me, guess it's my destiny to have stalkers and die-hard Stans: —ConstantiaOomen