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I know this one, he is tall, human, and male. Right? ~DavePoole


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2009-06-11 21:18:46   Dear Mr. Tallman, I want you to consider please stopping your persecution of the Davis S.P.C.A thrift store for it is only hurting the organization. Although I'm sure they appreciate constructive comments your mean little remarks help no one. All the people at the thrift store work very hard to keep the environment as nice as possible considering the circumstances (i.e. limited time to volunteer, limited space, and donated merchandise) all I'm saying is that there doing a pretty good job and deserve a level of respect from you for their efforts (INCLUDING THE MANAGER). If you care for animals in any way, shape, or form you realize that the Thrift store directly befits them. Thank you for listening (reading) —Catdog

2010-11-22 22:42:14   Dear Mr. Tallman, Please note that there are some people who work at the SPCA Thrift Shop and are horrified by the lies that you have told about the thrift shop. I personally volunteer at the SPCA, and the thrift shop is commonly being moved around, and it is always changing. Please note that the workers there have personal lives too, and you have no business contradicting them. We all give 150% to make the thrift store better, and it is frustrating to see these comments after a hard day at work. We are all trying very hard to make it better. I can't believe that you would do something so rude as to trash the thrift store. If you had any concern for the animals in Yolo County, surely you would delete those comments. The thrift store is helping the animals immensely. We all try and contribute to the thrift store, thousands of people go there. However your comments are just an opinion AND guess what!!! you are just trashing and trashing and trashing!! you are like the only one! It seems like all you want to do is sit staring at a boring computer screen and trash the thrift store. Please do something else with your life, go running! read! cook! take a class! or even! give your time to a good cause! But I want you to consider stopping your trashing of the SPCA Thriftsotre, because we are all working our butts off to keep it nice! —Churro615