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Hey there! Please see Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner! —PhilipNeustrom

2010-03-15 15:03:11   Hi there! I noticed that you deleted the comment bar and the one comment from The Wardrobe page. I restored them both times. Please understand that all of the business pages on the wiki have comment bars, and deleting comments is generally frowned upon unless they are inappropriate in some way. (And the one you're deleting is a positive comment!) This is to enable Davisites and visitors to Davis to easily comment on their experiences at a business, both positive and negative. Of course, you can respond to any comments that you feel are unfair. You might try to see this as a way to learn about your customers' experiences and a way to interact with them. I recommend reading the link that Philip suggested above, if you haven't already. —CovertProfessor

2010-03-19 20:12:01   Please do not remove links to other entries on the wiki. The wiki is a cross linked effort to provide something of worth to the community as a whole, not an advertisement for your business. It would be helpful if you'd engage in communication with the other volunteer editors of the wiki, and possibly use your real name. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards