My best contributions to the wiki were on University Construction. My worst contributions were to MU Games Area. My greatest sins were not updating either of them.

The lack of uptake to SFWiki makes me make this a face like this :(


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2006-07-10 21:11:40   Re: Wiki Update notice on front page: D'oh — I was waiting until the 17th so the notice was up two months. But yeah, it's been bugging me as well. —JabberWokky

2006-08-07 19:20:36   Thanks — and now I know how to chop down those Aggie URLs. I tried removing the GET vars, but it didn't work. —JabberWokky

2006-08-19 19:31:30   I was merely giving structure to the page—and make it less one-sided—when I added the "Get over yourself." JoshFernandez wrote his pro opinion and I merely transcribed it to the pro-turtle section that I appropriately created. Yes, I chose one of many pro comments, but it's not my duty to transcribe every single pro-turtle entry. Instead of reverting to the version that existed prior to my edits, you could have easily transcribed the pro comments for the community yourself. —RishiTrivedi

2006-08-19 22:33:55   thanks for helping to make the discussion civil. i'm tired. —MorganFlores

2006-09-21 13:50:11   I wish my greatest sins were as slight as not updating a wiki page (and adorably misplaced facial hair). Why do you look so sad in the second picture? —KaiTing

Sorry, I created the Gulag page as it was a funny mention on a few pages, but honestly it is a dead thing and people should stop reviving a joke which has expired. ~DavePoole