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2009-01-27 19:00:15   Welcome to the Wiki. Veronica, you are an editor here and can add a page for any business in Woodland that you want. Search for the business name, and if it isn't already a page here it will offer to let you create a page by that name. —JasonAller

2009-08-21 21:12:13   A page for Lux Blue Salon has been created. You are an editor here and could have done that as well; please add more information to it.

I do hope you will take a moment to consider something. You left a comment in all caps, which is considered the same as yelling, in which you left your current business information on the page of a former place of employment. There is a balance between people who would want to follow a particular stylist versus one business listing page not being filled with information about other business pages. I don't know where you stand with regard to that balance, but I hope that you'd approach the page of your former employee with the respect that you'd want given to a page about a business in which you had an ownership interest. —JasonAller

I apologize I am still learning this wiki thing please bear with me. Thank you for your help!:)

2009-10-18 03:56:02   Your welcome. Maybe I should come in for a haircut! —NickSchmalenberger