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Howdy, and (just since this might be an old account who seldom comes here), welcome to the wiki! Mr. or Ms. Center... or uh... who the heck are ya? It might be a very very good idea to consider the importance of using your realname, so we can talk to you rather than a faceless entity. Also, unless you are the only person who comprises all volunteers and members of the WomansCenter, you're claiming to speak for everybody by co-opting the name. Probably not what you intended, but you're not a person, you're a group. Which really doesn't make much sense. It might be a very good idea to disable this account (in settings), and then create an account under your name. Howdy, I'm Evan Edwards, but my wife and friends call me "JabberWokky" (old old nickname). Right now I am rambling a bit as your "not a real person" account is kind of offputting, probably not the kind of thing a woman's center wants to do. You also set up your account as a redirect, which blocks off anybody from being able to talk to you (like this message — I had to delete the redirect just to speak to you). That's also probably not the friendliest thing to do; we're a community here, and we try to work together as real people, not as "internet accounts". A final minor point, which was something somebody else raised: it might be a good idea to move the Western States Feminist Leadership Conference to a wiki where it is taking place or create a wiki for it. While it is certainly important, it does not seem to be taking place in Davis. If that's incorrect, you might want to add the Davis specific relevance (are you trying to lobby to move the conference here?). You've been around the wiki for quite awhile, and I hope you'll let us know who you are rather than using a "royal we". —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2008-01-21 21:39:45   hey! thanks for adding stuff to the events board. it's good to know the cool things taking place in davis. —JessicaRockwell