Name: Zep Brattesani

I work at the vets theatre in davis

I autocross regularly with the San Francisco Region SCCA in my rx8


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2006-04-15 13:19:39   Hi zep. —JulienBiewerElstob

2006-04-19 23:30:15   so im gonna pick up that head on sunday.. along with the speakers. —JulienBiewerElstob

2007-02-05 01:06:54   ... Bratt ? —StevenDaubert

2007-06-19 03:25:39   more than likely the bratt that I knew, seeing as your rockin the wankel —StevenDaubert

2009-07-16 07:22:10   whats up daubert? yeah it is sorry for the late reply haha. —ZepBrattesani

2009-07-16 08:24:03   Regarding the In-N-Out comment, I believe the word you meant was median, although since it's not technically a road, "curb" might work better. (No, I'm not being a jerk, just trying honestly to help, since when you get those words wrong long enough, they stick in your brain; I have a few spellings I can't ever get right). Nice photo — lucky 13, eh? —JabberWokky