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I am a huge fan of good food. I am a real estate broker in HOuston, Texas. However, I don't buy and sell real estate. I lease I basically help people find apartments. My services is 100% free too. I love the Texas Longhorns and think they have the best football team in the Nation.


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2009-01-07 17:47:21   Andrew left a comment on the In & Out Secret Menu. Welcome to the Wiki. This Wiki is specific to Davis, California, but in checking, I see there is a Houston Wiki, housed here. It's not as fully developed as the Davis Wiki (which has been around a lot longer), but there's plenty of room for it to grow. If you're interested, you can make a page about your leasing website, and yo seem to be a good candidate for adding pages/listings for restaurants, housing areas, etc. Ask a few pals to join in, and you guys might have a pretty solid Houston based wiki going. —EdWins

2009-01-07 18:48:20   Your link (ad?) does not seem to go anywhere. Could it be a typo?