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2010-02-15 15:42:17   Welcome to the Wiki. Please read Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner; it will help explain how you can make the wiki a positive experience for you without clashing with established wiki social norms. —JasonAller

2010-02-15 16:43:39   Have your read that welcome page? —JasonAller

2010-02-16 14:58:28   Hi Jason. I have read the welcome page —chernandez

2010-02-19 14:30:38   The first thing to do is not refer to it as "your" page. No one owns that page and William has as much right to edit it as you do. Given that he makes contributions to many pages and isn't just here because of financial interest he will almost certainly garner more deference from other editors. —JasonAller

2010-02-19 15:10:16   I don't know why you feel like you can just change the layout of our page. We take time to make these changes, and don't appreciate you changing picture sizes.

The page is my page as much as it is your page. This belongs to the community. Davis Wiki is not a business listing site with reviews. It is here to document the city of Davis, not provide you advertising. Did you know that Davis Wiki is a 501(c)(3) non-profit? Because we have this status, we're actually prohibited from promoting businesses. Your rewrites, regardless of the time you have spent on them, make the page look more promotional and endanger our tax-exempt status. I don't appreciate you doing this for your own financial gain or that of your employer.

Feel free to make whatever comments you prefer, and I will post an explanation.

While most editors only feel comfortable contributing to this site through comments, everyone has the ability to edit everything. I am not going to limit my contributions solely to comments.

I understant that Wiki is an open forum, but I dont appreciate you posting incorrect information.

I am just reposting information you have removed without discussion. If something is incorrect, let us know. But just removing negative information without justification looks bad and such actions will be almost immediately undone.


2010-02-19 15:12:45   Hi Mr./Mrs. Hernandez, I just wanted to offer one observation I've made over the past couple of months, since I became more active on the wiki. One frequent sticking point when it comes to business pages is the perception that it's the business's page. The goal of the wiki, however, is to provide pages about a business. The intent is to provide the full range of relevant information about the business, from the owner/manager's perspective to clients/tenants' opinions to miscellaneous and often tangential information that editors think might prove useful to other wiki users. None of these facts is limited to appearing in the main text or the comments of a page. Pages that read too much like an advertisement or a flyer tend not to be very appealing, as they represent primarily or solely the owner/manager's viewpoint.

If you follow the Recent Changes page, you'll often notice people "de-glossing" pages or noting that a page is "too glossy," referring to glossy advertisements. In my opinion, the La Salle page wasn't all that glossy with your original layout, although I don't think the rental agreement really belongs there. The thing that stands out to me is that William's version has a cleaner layout, is easier to read, and is more appealing to the viewer.

One final note: once there is significant back-and-forth over a page, it's well worth talking about any major changes (especially ones resembling reversions, or ones removing information) before making them in order explain why you're doing what you're doing, and hopefully figure out if and why people have an issue with them. There have been a few reverts here, so I'd say La Salle qualifies. —TomGarberson

2010-02-19 18:09:44   Please explain why you think the things you're removing need to be removed, and the things you're altering need to be altered, on the talk page. If you're not willing to discuss it, chances are it'll just keep getting reverted. —TomGarberson

2010-02-19 18:19:40   Please reread Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner. Simply declaring the wishes of "management" that a page be a certain way doesn't help you at all. This is a community. Again, you're just another editor. If you have any specific issues about La Salle, please post them over at La Salle/Talk. We're already discussing the deposit issue that you posted on my page and we'd love your input. —WilliamLewis

2010-02-19 22:22:52   Again, if you have any specific issues with La Salle, please post them at La Salle/Talk. You have given no reasons for the edits you have made when they are clearly a step backwards in formatting and content. —WilliamLewis

2010-02-20 11:15:54   Hi chernandez. Wondering if you could post something regarding pet policies on the La Salle page. Might be useful for prospective renters. Cats? Dogs? Hampsters? Pet deposit? Let us know. —jefftolentino

2010-02-22 09:58:48   The page is looking good. Thanks for the pet policy info, that's definitely useful for readers and potential residents! —TomGarberson

2011-12-16 13:36:47   Carlos is awesome —StevenDaubert