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What up Mr. England, welcome to the wiki, I would tell you to watch out for Jason Aller pointing out the importance of using your real name, and that next to the save changes button when you edit a page is the preview button, you can make several small changes without cluttering recent changes. Welcome to the wiki! It's always nice to see people who represent business get in touch with the community! Switching gears now but I recently had the pleasure of going to a luxo box when the A's played at giants, It was big pimpin spending G's for sure, and to top if off the A's crushed em!

have a great day, and if you have any questions about the wiki don't hesitate to ask. —StevenDaubert [post script] I have an extra 50 year commemorative bandana that I got for being one of the first 10,000 or whatnot, just say the word and it's yours! My dad listened to the A's when I was a kid, so thats why I'm not really a giants fan... But as long as it's Bay Area it's all legit in my book.