Laura Lynn Sutton appears to be involved in the Managemet of Adobe at Evergreen.


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2013-01-11 17:48:57   I would really appreciate if you guys could keep your office hours. As unhelpful as they are. Thursday (1/10/13) you guys left early when my package was delivered and I got out early so I could pick it up. Thanks for that. No explanation. Let's move on to today where I just managed to make it to the office a few minutes before 5:30 and... guess what?! You guys left early! Now let's move on to Saturday where you guys don't open until 10am, I have to be on campus by then. And on the website it, very uinhelpfully, states that you guys close at 5pm but on until Sept. 8th. Thanks for that too. I have no IDEA when you guys close on Sat. but its probably ridiculously early and then I will miss then too. And you are closed Sundays. SO let's sum this up, I should have recieved a package on Thursday. However, through no fault of my own, I have to wait until Monday to recieve my package. If I can even get home early enough then. Fantastic. Thank you. You might as well keep my package. Give it to your family because God knows I'm never going to get it. —AngieLiu