Hello! I have tons of books, blog a lot, write and translate poetry, and I really like collaboration, wikis, and messing around with software.

I live in Redwood City and San Francisco, in the Mission.

I like books, bookstores, blogging, enthusiasm, open mics, spoken word, feminism, science fiction, comic books, information, co-operatives, co-housing, parties with laptops, open space conferences, science fiction conventions, street art and murals, edible weeds, birdwatching, tidepools, geology, robots, board games, role-playing games, delicious food, Chinese novels, Icelandic sagas, literary translation, geocaching, and way too many other things to the point of intellectual promiscuity.

I love the idea of Wikispot, getting to know & show off all the lovable quirks of a place. We're all experts!

I work for Socialtext in Palo Alto, and currently run a monthly event, Wiki Wednesday. I write for BlogHer and am helping to organize next year's RecentChangesCamp.

More of the junk in my trunk is at http://bookmaniac.org.


the Mission: Sugarlump, L's Caffe, Ritual Roasters, Queer Open Mic at 3DB, La Taqueria, K'vetsh at Sadie's Flying Elephant, Writers With Drinks at the Make-Out Room, Borderlands Books, in bed Redwood City : Main Street Coffee, Whole Foods, North Star Academy Redwood City Public Library , Amelia's, in bed Menlo/Palo Alto: Socialtext, Cafe Borrone, The Creamery, Kepler's Books, on couches

Here I am at BlogHer having a big attitude:

Email me at . There are currently pages in the wiki.