Describe Users/martinennor here. I'm currently the owner of E-Z Smog in Davis. I purchased the Smog shop in January, 2009. I am proud of the fact that we were voted "Best Smog Shop in Yolo County for 2012 & 2013. My e-mail address is [email protected] Please e-mail me if you have any questions about my business, and of course you can always post comment on the E-Z Smog wiki page.


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2013-07-16 16:30:07   Welcome to the Wiki, Martin! Please do not delete other people's comments. All opinions are respected on the Wiki. Thank you. —PeteB

2013-07-16 16:47:19   It was an employee that left that someone had good experiences with. That is a legitimate statement. —PeteB

2013-07-16 17:20:11   The experience with the person was at your shop-so it's totally legitimate to put it here. —PeteB

2013-07-16 17:25:29   Since there are several people involved in the conversation over the E-Z Smog page, what say we move the discussion over to E-Z Smog/Talk? —TomGarberson

2013-07-16 18:32:53   Martin-please do not use my page to comment on this manner. All further discussions are being done on E-Z Smog/Talk because multiple people are now involved. I replied to you there. Thanks —PeteB