Senioritis is the angry young man you will grow to love. He has been a Davis resident for four years & is ready to move on to bigger & better wikis. When he first came to Davis he hated Walmart, now he loves Walmart & hates everything else. He actually still kind of hates Walmart due to their equal lack of tofu & customer service representatives.

Senioritis has uncovered the Davis Wiki scandal which has come to be known as "the case of the Davis Oshio Cafe: where did all those bad comments go?"

With his characteristic accuracy, Senioritis entered the highly controversial "Guadalajaria Super Burrito Vs. Chipotle Regular Burrito" debate, bringing both offending burritos back to his long-lasting Duracell powered laboratory. He emerged three days later, discarding both the burritos beside his well-worn scales and measurement tablets, announcing to the awaiting public that his decision had been made. At long last, he announced that despite their over salted chips and numerically challenged employees, Chipotle was the victor.

Senioritis is not all scorn & judgment, he likes to relax in his Walmart furnished apartment. He also enjoys dining at Sophia's Thai Kitchen (though not the bar) with his parents, Herb & Kandy.