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A good hostel is not only a cheap accommodation but also a valuable resource of information and a very good place for getting to know other incoming students and people from all over the world.

Many international students choose to live in a hostel for the first weeks of their stay, while they are searching for a flat. The main advantage is that you can extend your stay in the hostel very flexibly, if you have not yet found a flat and that you can inspect all the flats personally instead of having to rely on some photos published on the internet.

Hostel Aachen
booking request: [email protected]

Mauerstraße 116

8 bed dorm starting from 12€ per night

2 bed room starting from 40€ per night

All with shared bathroom and without breakfast but with a comfy shared kitchen and free coffee

Hostel Aachen is a very cozy, familiar accommodation directly near the lower exit of Aachen Schanz train station. It is being run by a couple, who do most of the work and service by themselves. This means that you cannot expect 24h reception and all day check in like in a huge hotel, but you will enjoy a very friendly atmosphere. The owners and other long term guests are always willing to help you with any doubts or questions about Aachen or finding a flat. This is not a luxurious hotel, but an honest accommodation for honest people. At check in you will receive bedlinen, a towel and most importantly the PIN-Code for opening the front door – and WIFI access. There is a big shared kitchen, where you can store your Milk and Cornflakes, or cook some diner together with other habitants. It is a 10 minute walk to the university’s main building. Alternatively - if you have lectures in the Temp or PPS – you reach Aachen West by train in two minutes. Write a booking request by mail to receive a quotation and keep the check in time arranged with the owners.

A&O hostel Aachen

Hackländerstraße 5

8 bed dorm starting from 12€ per night

2 bed room starting from 40€ per night

Bathroom in every dorm

Breakfast available for extra charge 7€

What used to be a rundown hotel right next to the main train station is now Aachen’s biggest hostel. The only real difference to a hotel is that prices and furniture are cheap and that you can book shared dorms. There is no shared kitchen, but a lobby with a bar. You can book all sorts of additional services like breakfast, lunch packets, car park, or the permission to bring a pet. From the main train station you have a very good bus connection to the university (line 44 to Driescher Gässchen, line 13B to Technische Hochschule, line 3A or 13A to Audimax). You can save money if you book online.

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6 bed dorm starting from __€ per night

2 bed room starting from __€ per night

Bathroom ? Breakfast ?

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