at the opposite site of the street

from Lütticherstrasse 517

Public transport

bus line 2 or 24 to "Unterer Backertsweg"

and a two minute walk to the park


Closed during the winter

from 1st of March - 30th of September:

Mon - Fri: 8 am - sundown

Sat - Sun: 10 am - sundown


0241 - 51000824

always announce your visit on the phone


19€ for adults

17€ for students

cheaper prices for groups

Do you still remember the good old days, when you used to spent an entire day outside with your friends, running around and climbing trees? Who says that this is over?

In Aachen you can take tree climbing to a new level in the tree-climbing-park. Of course you will be absolutely safe, belayed with a harness, a Y-shaped lanyard and two snap links.

You will climb hook ladders, hang-gliders, balance over beams and use zip wires to get from one platform to another. There are twelve different parkours leading you from tree to tree with different levels of difficulty and ranging in height between 1 - 22 meters above the ground. It is not necessary to be very athletic for most of the parkours. Tree climbing is not an extreme sport, but an interesting experience in the nature for you and your friends.

You don't need to bring any equipment, just comfortable clothes (which might get dirty). Just give them a call (0241 - 51000824) and announce your visit. They will arrange a short security-instruction-briefing with you for your first visit, therefore you should arrive at least 15 minutes earlier then the agreed time for the instruction and register at the reception. All the necessary equipment is included in the price. The security techniques are very easy to learn, even for children. Climbing in a park like this one is very safe, because you will continuously be fixed to at least one rope with your climbing harness.

The park is a great place to spent an entire afternoon, you can have a picnic and get an ice cream at the little shop or simply watch the other climbers. If you do not want to climb yourself, you do not need to pay a entrance fee.