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John MUELLER Collection


Johanna Dorothea KUCHEL 

2nd child of:  Johanna Dorothea Elizabeth KUCHEL and Johann Gottfried Erdmann KUCHEL .

married J.W.A. GUST


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Johanna Dorothea KUCHEL. born in Prussia, married in 1867, Johann Wilhelm August GUST from Prussia, & this article has one individuals unidentified photograph & 2 photographs of the same home, both labelled 'GUST' & with different individuals standing out the front. 


The family names mentioned in this article



Aim of Article

Display the 'John MUELLER  Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material' connected to the LIEBELT and KUCHEL descendants

Through family tree connections & research, identify the individuals captured in the 'Collection' by the camera, as well as identify their early land acquisitions and farm/home sites.  


Table of Contents 

1.    Author's Note

2.  Johanna Dorothea Kuchel  [1842-1926]


Johann Wilhelm August GUST

George Washington arrived 1849



An unidentified GUST

Possibly J.W. August GUST & family

3.  References & Notes 



1.    Author's Note

Johanna Dorothea KUCHEL is the author's 1C4R

Johanna Louise KUCHEL is John MUELLER's gg Aunt.


2.    Johanna Dorothea Kuchel  [1842-1926]

  • Born:  1842, Langmeil, Brandenburg, Prussia.[01]

  • Married:  28 February 1867 [02]

  • Widowed:  1914 aged  72 years [03]

  • Died:  6 August 1926, Mount Gambia, S.A. 84 years [04]

  • Buried:  Mt Gambier Lake Terrace Cemetery [05]


Johanna Dorothea KUCHEL at 26 years married Johann Wilhelm August GUST 30 years of age, on 28 February 1867, at St Paul's, Hahndorf.  "On 28 February, 1867, the second daughter, Johanne Dorothea, married J.W. August GUST at St Paul's Hahndorf.  He farmed at Friedrichstadt (on the road from Hahndorf to Echunga) and later moved to Mount Gambier.  They had two sons, who has no issue, and one daughter Anna, who married Jack Wilson.  Most of their descendants live in the Mount Gambier and Portland areas."  [06] 

Johann Wilhelm August GUST

  • Born:  1837 ? Lautenthal, Zellerfeld, Hanover, Prussia [00]

  • Arrived: George Washington 1849

  • Married:  28 February 1867 [00]

  • Died:  14 August 1914 Mount Gambia, S.A. 77 years [00]

  • Buried:   [00]

George Washington left Bremen 25 October 1848 and arrived South Australia, 2 March 1849

  • Johann Wilhelm GUST was 13 years when he arrived with his parents Heinrich Carl Friedrich GUST b1905c a 'smith', and his mother Louise VETT b1806c
  • And 3 younger brothers, Christian 8, Ludwig 5 and August an infant.
  • The family was from Launtenthal, Zellerfeld, Hanover, Prussia. [07]

  • After 6 days at sea Louise VETT died, 1st November.
  • 5 year old Ludwig died 2 days later.
  • August the infant died 4 days later on 7 November.
  • There were at least 26 deaths on this ship. [08]

Children:    3 born between 1867-1873

Unidentified ‘GUST

├──  Anna Louise GUST  [1867 death date unknown] - married 5 February 1897 St Michael Ev Lutheran Church, Hahndorf,  John Allan Barry WILSON [b unknown]. [09]  

├──  Friedrich Wilhelm GUST  [1870 death date unknown] - never married.[10]   

└──  Heinrich August GUST [b1873 death date unknown] - never married. [11]      


The GUST home

  • The same timber framed home
  • with one chimney
  • and ornate verandah posts in both photographs.

Reverse 'Gusts'

One bearded adult male and on adolescent male 


Reverse  'Gusts'

Two bearded males, one woman in head scarf and 2 female children.


3.    References


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