Names Extracted from Early Editions of SA Government Gazettes

Miscellaneous Names and Names of Insolvents  Extracted by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian) from Early Editions of SA Government Gazettes.

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Miscellaneous Names

Names Beginning - A*

ALDRIDGE, George and NASH, Charles Storekeepers and bakers partnership dissolved 22/12/1851. G Aldridge to carry on the business location not stated.

ALLEN, Thomas Tenant farmer; Section pt Section 96, District A 1844.

ANDERSON, Robert Section 241, District B 1845.

ANGAS, GF and KEYNES, Joseph stock farmers as J Keynes & Co, partnership dissolved 8/6/1843.

ANTHONY, John postmaster Pt Adelaide 1845.

ARMBRECHT, Louis and PHILLIPPY, Alexander bakers Adelaide (Hindley St) dissolved partnership 11/9/1849. A Phillippy to keep running the business.

ASHTON, Joseph Yates Solicitor; Adelaide (Rundle St) 1849.

AUGUST, John Samuel Senr (//-/8/1839) late of Belise, in the Bay of Honduras, left his estate to his wife, Sarah and his children.

AUGUST, Mrs JS nee Sarah ? . (//-26/1/1844) Died Melbourne Vic.

AUGUST, Robert Maskell (c1823-2/7/1845) Died Laverton Vic - eldest son died. Daughter after the son. Linked with St James’s parish, Melbourne.

AUSTIN, John Baptist Proprietor; Sections 2803-2805, 2808, 2810, 2829 Macclesfield Survey 1845.

Names Beginning - B*

BAGOT, John Tuthill Solicitor; Adelaide (Clarke’s Building, Hindley St), formerly of Harrington St, Dublin, Ireland 1851.

BAIRD, James Sheep farmer; Pt Lincoln District Died 1850.

BAKER, John pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

BAKER, Thomas and FOUNTAIN, James Blacksmiths; Adelaide (Gouger St) trading as Baker & Fountain. partnership dissolved 8/2/1851.

BAKER, W constable and farrier Mounted Police Force 1847 resigned.

BARNES, Henry pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

BARTON, Edmund clerk to Arthur Hardy 1844.

BARTON, John chief headsman Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

BARUH, Daniel and SMITH, Walter Junr Doctors; Adelaide (Currie St Dispensery) partnership dissolved 16/12/1851.

BATCHELOR, Robert pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

BAXTER, William Shoemaker and cattleholder; Biscuit Flat Co Robe died 1849/1850.

BAYNE, David and NESS, John Drapers; Kooringa partnership dissolved 7/12/1849.

BEAN, Alexander Yeoman; Norwood died c1851. Widow Susan Mary Bean.

BEAR, Charles boat steerer Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

BEATTON, Ann widow of David Beatton 1st Landing Waiter in the Customs, Pt Adelaide. She had 5 children. Left almost destitute after the death of their husband and father.

BECK, Charles and BECK, Frederick John Merchants and general commercial and shipping agents; Adelaide as Chas & FJ Beck, partnership dissolved 5/11/1851. FJ Beck to continue the business alone.

BECKMANN, Johann Joachim Carpenter; Adelaide died c1851. Next of kin Sophia Dorothea Beckmann spinster, sister of deceased.

BEDDOME, SAMUEL mounted police constable 1845.

BEEVOR, JR GS Kingston administered his estate.

BELL, Robert Section 904, District A, Survey B 1845.

BELT, Charles William Solicitor; Adelaide (Wright St) applied for membership of the SA Bar 1851.

BENTLEY, James pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

BERTHEAU, Charles Zacharie Publican; Salisbury, then Para Plains (Cross Keys) insolvent 7/3/1851.

BEST, Anthony late of Cowandillah, near Adelaide died 1849/1850. Wife called Mary.

BEVIS, John Tenant; PT SECTION 2, District B 1845.

BINGHAM, William house servant Penola formerly of England died c1851. No immediate family.

BISHOP, John stockholder Boston Island 1845.

BLACK, Donald stockholder Near Cape Northumberland 1845.

BLACK, Neil stockholder the mouth of the glenelg river 1845.

BLACKHAM, HENRY HAMILTON & BLACKHAM, RICHARD JUNR Proprietors; Section 1698, north of Little Para Special Survey 1845.

BLAKE, William Overseer; Reedbeds, then Overseer; Gunpowder Creek naer Kooringa formerly Miner; Eskdale Muir, Co Dumfries, Scotland. Died c1851. No immediate family.

BOORD, Samuel Elkington and BOORD, Septimus Storekeepers; Adelaide (Hindley St) trading as Boord Bros. partnership dissolved 26/2/1851. SE Boord to run the business alone.

BOULDING, Henry Charles Occupier; Section 153, District B Sturt River 1845.

BOWEN, Michael miner First Creek died 1849. Next of kin widow Hannah Phillips Bowen.

BOWDEN, John Occupier; Sections 1536, 1542, 1549, 1551-1554, 1556, 1557 Barossa Survey 1845.

BOWMAN, John stockholder The Lower Wakefield 1845.

BOX, William Miner; Kooringa died c1851. Estate to Christopher Temby Carrier; Adelaide (Angas St) for settlement.

BOYLAN, Peter carter Adelaide (Hindley St) died 1849.

BOYLE, Phillip boat steerer Wilde, Howard & Johnstone Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

BRADY, Daniel Proprietor; Sectioin 2187, Dry Creek 1845.

BREEZE, RS and COOK, Samuel partnership dissolved 13/10/1845.

BROMAGE, William alias SMITH, William ginger beer manufacturer NorthTce, Adelaide died 1849.

BROOKS, Henry Supreme Court Messenger and Crier Adelaide 1847. He succeeded PAINE, William Henry, who had resigned.

BROOKS, Henry Taylor promoted from Lance-Corporal to Corporal Mounted Police Force 1/3/1849.

BROSON, William pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

BROWN, Thomas Nichols and SPRAY, George Brickmakers; Norwood. partnership dissolved 7/11/1849.

BROWN, William Warford Labourer; Walkerville died 1849.

BROWNE, James Stewart chief clerk; Adelaide (General Post Office) 1845.

BROWNLEY, Jessie Nuriootpa formerly of Scotland died c1851. No immediate family.

BRUCE, John Shepherd; Kapdio/Rapoio near Pt Lincoln formerly of Pt Phillip died 1850.

BUCK, William pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

BULL, Nicholas Boyes signalman West Tce, Adelaide from 1845.

BURNS, William pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

BUSHELL, Henry Occupier; St Vincent Special Survey 1844.

BUTTLE, William late of Hardwick St, Dublin, Ireland now Solicitor; Adelaide (Angas St) 1850.

BUXTON, William tonguer Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

BYRNES, Thomas of Adelaide died 1849. Next of kin nephew James Bellamyh of Adelaide.

Names Beginning - C*

CAIN, John Tenant; Section 3829, Co Adelaide 1845.

CAIN, John Proprietor; Sectioin 536, Hurtle Vale 1845.

CAMERON, Donald Sheep farmer; Peachy Belt, Gawler Plains died 1849/1850. Wife called Helen.

CAMPBELL, John, CAMPBELL, Donald & CAMPBELL, Murdoch stockholders trading as Campbell Bros near Mt Arden dissolved partnership 16/8/1849. Murdoch Campbell dropped out; the other brothers continued.

CAMPBELL, William Tenant farmer; Section 398, District B 1844.

CANE, Daniel pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

CAREY, John Barnett and JOHNSON, William Stephen commission agents Adelaide partnership dissolved 2/7/1849.

CARNAC, John emigrated to SA May 1839.

CARTER, WA Wellington Ferry operator from 9/5/1849.

CASKEY, Matthew constable Mounted Police Force 1/2/1848.

CATCHLOVE, Edward Settlers; Section 240, District B 1845.

CHAPMAN, William boat steerer Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

CLARK, John headsman Wilde, Howard & Johnstone Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

CLARK, Joseph pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

CLARK, Simon and CHALLEN, Henry Tailors; Gawler (Murray St) partnership dissolved 22/11/1851. H Challen to continue the business. Partnership had continued for a year.

CLARKE, Benjamin constable and farrier Mounted Police Force 1847.

CLARKE, Samuel Tenant; Section 324, District C 1844.

CLARKE, W Fallo and CLARKE, SR Ship chandlers and general dealers; Pt Adelaide partnership dissolved 15/10/1851.

CLEMO, John Miner; Adelaide (South Tce) died c1851. No immediate family.

COCHRANE, John Farm servant; North Adelaide formerly of Beith, Co Ayr, Scotland died c1851. No immediate family.

COCHRANE, Ralph pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

COKER, William Occupier; Sections 343, 1055, 1059, District B 1845.

COLLINS, David Born Lancaster. Labourer. 25 Deserted 6/3/1847 Adelaide from the 11th Foot Regiment ‘Deserted in regimentals, which have since been found near the Town of Adelaide’.

COLLINSON, EG rented a Customs Bonded Warehouse at Pt Adelaide from the Government for 3 years from 1/1/1848.

COLTMAN, James Occupier; Section 908, District B 1845.

CONRON, George Poundkeeper Section 407 Port Road resigned 2/11/1848

COOK, William Proprietor; Sections 5000, 5002, 1779 Mt Barker District 1845.

COOK, William George mounted constable and saddler Adelaide 1847.

COOKE, William RS & PAXTON, William millers Adelaide partnership dissolved 18/1/1847.

COOKE, William RS miller Albion Mills Adelaide (Grenfell St) 1850.

COSTELLOW, William Storekeeper; Adelaide (Hindley St) late of Crayford, Kent, England. Died 1850.

COULSON, B & SOULBY, W partnership dissolved 25/4/1849.

COULTER, John Occupier; Section 1594, Co Adelaide 1845.

COULTER, Thomas poundkeeper Islington 1847.

COUSINS, John Proprietor; pt Section 367, District B 1845.

COWAN, David Proprietor; Section 327, District B 1845.

COX, William Caddy Government Printer from 16/4/1849. 1st Government Printer in the new Government Printing Office next to the Iron Store, Victoria Square, Adelaide, opened 17/4/1849. 1st Government Gazette printed there on 21/4/1849.

CRACE, Charles and BLUNDEN, Robert Gingerbeer makers; Gawler. partnership dissolved 20/10/1851.

CRAWFORD, Neil pulling hand Wilde & Howard Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

CROXTON, George To SA ship Marion Feb 1849. Schoolmaster on board the ship.

CULLEN, John Ash proprietor; pt section 625, Morphett Vale 1845.

CULLEN, luke M late of North Cumberland St, Dublin, Ireland now Solicitor; Adelaide (Currie St) 1850.

CUNNACK, James poundkeeper Thebarton 1848.

CUNNINGTON, John late of Baintree, Essex, England, one of HM Court attorneys of the Queen’s Bench, Westminster. now solicitor near the Company’s Mill 1850/

Names Beginning - D*

DALWOOD, Caleb Occupant; Section 10, District B 1845.

DALWOOD, Caleb Publican; Goodwood (Park Gate Inn) died c1851. Estate to his widow Hannah Dalwood.

DARBY, Thomas and John proprietors; Section 628 Morphett Vale 1845.

DAVIS, Richard signalman West Tce Signal Station 1847. He replaced SMITH, NM.

DANSIE, Henry Poundkeeper; Angas Park 1848.

DAVIE, Samuel and ASTON, Joseph Grocers and drapers; Adelaide (Sturt St) partnership dissolved 23/9/1850.

DAVISON, Fullrancis stockholder Cockburn Creek, Co Sturt 1847.

DAVY, James & SHARPE, Thomas S oil refiners trading as Davey & Sharpe, in Waymouth St, Adelaide, in premises lately occupied by Edward Rawling. Partnership dissolved 7/4/1851.

DAW, William Tenant; Section 157, District A 1845.

DAWE, Henry Innkeeper; Willunga died 1849. Wife called Sarah Elizabeth Dawe.

DeLAINE, Charles constable Metropolitan Police Force 1845.

DELANY, Daniel Joseph and DELANY, John Drapers; Daniel & John Delany partnership dissolved 5/6/1851.

DENHAM, Joseph Born Co Lanark, Scotland. 28 years old. Weaver. Deserted 6/3/1847 from the 11th Regimental Foot.

DIVINE, David Occupier; Section 271, District B 1845.

DOBER, Thomas constable Mounted Police Force 1/2/1848.

DOWNER, Henry and GRAVES, Thomas Grocers; Adelaide partnership dissolved 16/8/1851.

DOWSING, Charles Gentleman; Brighton formerly of Ipswich, Suffolk Died 1849/1850.

DRIFFIELD, Fras Carus, DRIFFIELD, Edward Wollaston Septimus and PARR, James Hamilton Millers; SA as Driffield, Parr & Co partnership dissolved 7/11/1851. EWS Driffield to carry on the business alone.

DUNGEY, Thomas Boorman Journeyman miller; Adelaide (Wright St), later miller; Brighton with GOODRICH, George trading as Dungey & Goodrich partnership dissolved 5/3/1851.

DUNN, Denis Born Tullamore, King’s County, Ireland. 24 bricklayer and plasterer. Deserted 26/4/1847 from the 11th Regiment. ‘Dunn has a slight impediment in his speech, with rather a thoughtful countenance, and walks stooped’.

DUTTON, Frederick H stockholder Counties of Light and Eyre 1845.

DYKE, Thomas William Constable Metropolitan Police Force 1/4/1849.

Names Beginning - E*

EAMES, William Constable; Metropolitan Police Force 1849.

EDWARDS. George Richard Proprietor; Section 336, District B 1845. Formerly carpenter and cow keeper Alberton, later carpenter Section 424 Pt Adelaide insolvent 1847.

EGAN, Stephen tallow chandler Adelaide died 1849. Next of kin creditor Thomas Jordan tallow chandler Adelaide.

ELLETSON, John pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

ELLIOTT, Archibald Public Pound Keeper Section 4426 Mt Barker 1842-1845

ELLIOTT, John Butcher; Adelaide (Wright St) died c1851. Widow Phoebe Miller Elliott.

ELLIS, John stockholder Gawler Plains 1845.

EMERY, John Occupier; Sections 494, 501, 502, 503 District A, Torrens River 1844.

ELLIS, John appointed mounted constable 1845.

EMMETT, Edward Nucella and GLYDE, Lavington Adelaide (Leigh St) dissolved partnership 20/9/1848. AMMAN, Emil replaced L Glyde, as EN Emmett & Co. 1848.

ENTWISTLE, Thomas pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

Names Beginning - F*

FAIRLEY, RB Proprietor; Sections 5087, 5089, 5090 District of Mt Barker 1845.

FARRELL, James shepherd Joseph Gilbert, Mt Bryant Died 18/2/1848 Kooringa.

FENN, Charles solicitor Kensington began practice Dec 1848s. Served articles under EC Gwynne and Henry Johnson.

FENNELL, Thomas mounted police constable 1845.

FERGUSON, Andrew Sectioin 274, District A 1845.

FERGUSON, George pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

FERGUSSON, James landowner Sections 59, 85, 743, District B 1843.

FIELD, James Farmer; Section 61, District B 1845.

FIELD, William George Esquire; Yankalilla died 1850/51. Wife Jane.

FINCHER, John late of Hardwicke, Bucks, England emigrated to SA 16/3/1844 Dale Park.

FISHER, Charles Brown Tenant; Sections 47, 48, 162, District A 1845.

FISHER, James tenant Section 145, District A 1843.

FITZGERALD, Maurice Settler; Sections 375, 376, District A 1845.

FONSACKER, Moses Joseph Dealer; Pt Adelaide died 1849/1850. Wife Mary Ann.

FORSAYTH, John Chambre Brabazon & DUVAL, Francis partnership dissolved 27/3/1849. Business not stated.

FOTHERINGHAM, James and PATERSON, John L, stockholders and landowners, partnership dissolved 17/4/1844.

FOULKES, Charles and HARDY, David plumbers, printers, glaziers; Gawler partnership dissolved 14/12/1850.

FRANCIS, Noah brickmaker and hawker Mt Barker died 1849.

FRASER, John and DILLON, David butchers North Kapunda partnership dissolved 5/6/1848.

FREW, James Adelaide and RANKINE, John Strathalbyn stockholders, partnership dissolved 10/2/1844.

Names Beginning - G*

GANDY, George poundkeeper Thebarton 1847. He then had the Dolphin Inn, North Tce, Adelaide from 1848.

GANDY, William poundkeeper Thebarton 1847, in place of George Gandy resigned.

GARDINER, John Baker; Pt Adelaide died c1851. Estate to Anna Abell formerly Gardiner, wife of Thomas Abell boatman Pt Adelaide.

GAZARD, William Tenant; pt Section 2061, District B 1845.

GENONI, Antonio pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

GETIS, Hugh Shepherd; Willunga. Formerly of Cumbia, Co Down, Ireland died 1849/1850. No next of kin.

GIBSON, William pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

GILLES, Lewis appointed Trustee of the Savings Bank of SA, in the place of Lieutenant Dashwood resigned 1849.

GILLES, Malcolm and CAMPBELL, Alexander stockholders Mt Remarkable partnership dissolved 21/12/1848.

GLANVILL, George late of Ottery St Mary, Devon, afterwards of Sydney, now Walkerville, solicitor 1850.

GODERICH, William pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

GOLLOP, John Proprietor; Section 5516, Sources of the Little Para Survey 1845.

GOOCH, Robert arrived Langmeil on 16/3/1847,and died the following day of dropsy.

GOSLING, George Stockkeeper; Rocky River, in the employ of Messrs Hughes died c1851. No immediate family.

GOSLING, William and SMITH, Edward General storekeepers; Glen Osmond partnership dissolved 20/3/1851.

GOWER, EW Second Clerk; Pt Adelaide Customs Department appointed 11/1/1849. Formerly Third Clerk. Gower took TP Addison’s place.

GRAHAM, John headsman Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

GRAY, William pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

GRETTON, George Mussell Esquire; North Adelaide (Wellington Square) died 1849/1850. Wife Amelia Louisa Vaux Gretton.

GULAY, Isaac OCCUPIER; pt Section 1570, Dry Creek 1845.

GUY, Joseph appointed mounted constable 1845.

GWYNNE, EC landowner Sections 265, 2042, 305, District B 1843.

Names Beginning - H*

HAGGER, John Tenant; pt Section 476, pt Section 477, District A 1845.

HAINING, Joseph arrived Sydney by the barque Mary White; then shepherd to the SA Company. Found dead 30/4/1846 near Lake Albert, supposed to have committed suicide.

HALL, James Tenant; Section 1568, Dry Creek 1845.

HAMILTON, James & HENDERSON, James, formerly trading as James Hamilton & Co, changed to Hamilton & Henderson 6/2/1845.

HANCE, George articled to JH Fisher of Adelaide now Solicitor; Adelaide (North Tce) 1850.

HANCOCK, William; LOMAS, John Benedict; BATES, James; RANDELL, Ephraim; SHEPHERD, ?; TROTT, Charles Proprietors and tenants; pt Section 84, District B 1845.

HARBROE, John Clerk; Adelaide (Rundle St) formerly of Ripley, Surrey, England died c1851.

HARDY, Arthur and HAMILTON, George farmers Section 335, District A, partnership dissolved 27/4/1843.

HARRIOT, Andrew Had a sheep station on the Bremer River 1844.

HARRIS, George Brickmaker; Kooringa died 1851. Widow Mary Harris.

HARROLD, William butcher Young St, Adelaide died c1856. How was he related to Henry Harrold ironmonger Hindley St, who was one of the executors of his will?

HARRIS, George W Surveyor and draughtsman Crown Land Dept; Adelaide from 16/8/1849.

HAWKER, George stockholder the Hutt River 1845.

HAYS, William Bennett Road surveyor, Clerk of Works and Government Architect 1850.

HAYTER, John and HARRISON, Charles publicans Tom O’Lincoln, Thebarton partnership dissolved 6/3/1847.

HEARNE, Uriah Richard and LUCKING, James H farmers SA, partnership dissolved 1/10/1847.

HELLIER, James Stace constable Mounted Police Force 24/1/1848.

HENDERSON, James Appointed Savings Bank Trustee iin 1849, in place of AM Mundy, who had returned to England.

HENDERSON, William pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

HERRING, Giles Head and POTTS, Thomas Cannon brewers Adelaide dissolved partnership 6/6/1849.


.HIBBERT, John Constable; Metropolitan Police Force 1/4/1849.

HICKS, Richard solicitor late of Paddock Lodge, Kentish Town, and of 5 Gray’s Inn Square, Middlesex, now of Margaret St, North Adelaide began practice SA 1849.


HILDEBRANDT, Gustav cooper Wilde & Howard Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

HILL, Alexander Brickmaker; Bowden. Died 1850/51. Wife Mary Lydia.

HILL, Thomas Groom; Adelaide (King William St) formerly warehouseman of Thames St, London, England Died 1850

HOBBS, frederick and bennett, thomas brickmakers dr Kent’s section near East tce, Adelaide, partnership dissolved 23/2/1847.

HILL, George constable Mounted Police Force 24/1/1848.

HINDE, William Solicitor; North Adelaide (Lefevre Tce) late of Cleobury Mortimer, Salop joined the SA bar 1851.

HOARE, Thomas William stockholder Natoo, Murray River, died 1848. Wife called Hannah.

HOBSON, Joseph Labourer; Marion. died c1851. No immediate family.

HODGSON, Joseph tenant; Sections 1288, 1003, Great Eastern Road, Co Adelaide 1845.

HOGARTH, Thomas Stockholder; Sections 57, 58, District B 1845.

HOLMES, Henry and WATSON, George Farmers no location given partnership dissolved 12/8/1851.

HOLMES, John and WRIGHT, Thomas J tailors Morphett St, Adelaide dissolved partnership 3/5/1849.

HOOPER, George and FULLER, John livery stable keepers Hindley St, Adelaide partnership dissolved 10/2/1847.

HOPKINS, Henry Gentleman; Adelaide died 1851. Cousin Alfred Barnes gent Adelaide his next of kin.

HOPPE, Johann Wilhelm, BERNHARD, Gustav & TILEMANN, Alexander, Port and General Commission Agents Pt Adelaide, trading as Hoppe & Co partnership dissolved 17/10/1849.

HORWOOD, Joel and CHIVERS, Charles Engineers, millwrights, iron and brass founders; Adelaide (Hindley St) partnership dissolved 23/6/1851. J Horwood to carry on the business.


HOWARD, George Constable; Metropolitan Police Force 1849.

HOWARD, James labourer Adelaide, was in the expedition near Pt Lincoln, when Aborigines speared JC Darke 1844.

HOWARD, James pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

HUDSON, John Gentleman; Adelaide died c1851. Isabella Hudson his widow.

HUGHES, Richard pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

HUGHES, WW stockholder The Hummock Range 1845.

HULKES, HS and WELSH, RA commission agents Adelaide partnership dissolved 23/8/1848.

HULME, William coot and steward Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

HUNT, George and HUNT, Francis Robert dissolved partnership 13/7/1848.

Names Beginning - I*

IRON, James and PHILP, Oliver Publicans; Chain of Ponds partnership dissolved 8/3/1850. James Iron went into further partnership with Thomas Powell, probably in Adelaide. Partnership dissolved 25/4/1851.

INNES, William and GILMORE, John farmers Chain of Ponds partnership dissolved 31/3/1851.

Names Beginning - J*

JACKSON, Henry Poundkeeper; Houghton 1849.

JACKSON, Thomas Esquire; Adelaide. Died 1849/1850. Wife Eliza.

JAFFRAY, Archibald stockholder Murray River north and south of Moorundie 1845.

JOHNS, Charity spinster North Adelaide died 1850. Next of kin Edward Johns miner North Adelaide.

JOHNSON, Henry solicitor Stephens Place, withdrew from partnership with BAYNE, Frederick and SMART, Samuel 17/10/1844.

JOHNSTON, Andrew Accountant; Adelaide (Rundle St) died 1849/1850. Wife Eliza.

JONES, Henry and JONES, Frederick merchants and sheep farmers Second Valley partnership dissolved 21/6/1845.

JORDAN, Henry boat steerer Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

JOSEPH, Louis left SA c Nov 1845.

JOSEPHS, Joseph pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

Names Beginning - K*


KIERBIE, christopher pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

KING, Thomas & NORTH, John Robert general dealers trading as King & North Tam O’Shanter Belt partnership dissolved 28/4/1851.

KITELY, JOHN bootmaker Hindley St 1844.

KLINGENDER, Edward Section 2042, near Payneham. articled to EC Gwynne 1845.

KNEALE, Thomas Private 11th Regiment. Born Castle Town, Isle of Man 23. joiner. Deserted 15/7/1847.

KOOK, Hermann and FIEDLER, Julius tenants Section 493, District A 1843.

Names Beginning - L*

LAMB, James from Corporal to Sergeant Mounted Police Force 1/3/1849.

LANG, William 1st Resident Magistrate Burra District of the Murray 1847.

LANKEMANN, Heinrich Constable; Metropolitan Police Force 1/4/849.

LAVERS, Philip Carpenter & builder; Adelaide (Gawler Place) insolvent 1851.

LAWRENCE, George Found drowned at Pt Adelaide 24/6/1850.

LAWRENCE, Thomas pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

LAWSON, Thomas master mariner Pt Adelaide died 1849. Next of kin widow Susanna Lawson.

LEDGARD, William Tenant; Section 110, Disrict of Adelaide 1845.

LETCHFORD, Charles and William tallow chandlers; Adelaide (Russell St) partnership dissolved 31/12/1849.

LEVERNEY, Mixchael Constable; Metropolitan Police Force 1/4/1849.

LIPSON, Thomas Hardy Tenant; Section 2073, District B 1845.

LITTLE, William Gentleman; Yatala. Died 1849/1850. Wife Jane Little of Alberton.

LLOYD, Charles tonguer’s mate Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

LOADER, Thomas, t; section 303, District a 1845.

LODDING, Heinrich pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

LOFTUS, William and ROBINSON, William Proprietors; Section 158, District B 1844.

LOGAN, James stockholder Burra Creek 1845.

LONG, James headsman Wilde, Howard & Johnstone Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

LORD, William boat steerer Wilde, Howard & Johnstone Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

LOVELL, George pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

OWE, George pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

LOWE, John Mayor and Robert Mayor chemists, druggist and general dealers Hindley St, Adelaide partnership dissolved 9/2/1847.

LUCAS, Charles John and BURSTON, William Tenants; Section 2130, Dry Creek 1845.

LUCAS, Thomas Solicitor; Hurtle Vale began practice 1850.

Names Beginning - M*

MacDONALD, JW Collector of Internal Revenue 1845.

MARGETTS, Henry Richard Gentleman; Adelaide died c1851. Estate to a creditor William Paxton.

McBARNETT, JW died 1849/1850.

McBEATH, William Bootmaker; Adelaide (Pirie St), late of Elizabeth St, Hobart VDL died 1850.

McGUIRE, William solicitor King William St Adelaide 1848.

MacPHARLANE’S SWAMP - Sections 4462, 4463, 2799 Hundred of Macclesfield, on the main road between Mt Barker and Strathalbyn.

MacPHERSON, Frederick tenant farmer Section 78, District B 1843.

MacPHERSON, Frederick A Occupier; Section 372, District A 1844.

MADSON, James seaman Bunbury WA died 1851.

MAINWARING, George Esquire; Pine Forest, near Adelaide died 1849/1850. Brother Gordon Mainwaring of the Pine Forest was his next-of-kin.

MALCOLM, Charles of Montpellier Villas Brighthelmston, Sussex, buried 18/6/1851, aged 68.

MALCOLM, Gilbert  43 years Rector of Todenham, Glos, died in April 1855, aged 79.

MARSDEN, John pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.


MASTERS, James and MAURICE, Price, partnership dissolved 18/9/1844.

MAURICE, Price stockholder Lower part of the Light 1845.

MAXFIELD, Thomas pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

MAY, joseph Proprietor; Sections 4420, 4421 Co Hindmarsh 1845.

McBARNET, Alexander Napier gentleman formerly of Adelaide, but lately of Launceston VDL died 1849. Next of kin Alexander MacDONALD Esquire North Adelaide.

McBEAN, Lachlan stockholder ‘Between the hills and the scrub on the road to Moorundie’ 1845.

McCONNELL, Simon police constable Adelaide 1846.

McGRATH, Thomas pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

McLAW, Daniel boat steerer Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

McNICOL, Peter and YOUNG, James Scott drapers Hindley St, Adelaide dissolved partnership 24/5/1849.s

Mcpherson, gilbert seaman cutter Resource, lost at sea during September 1848, on a voyage from Adelaide to Guichen Bay.

McWILLIAMS, Adolphus and KIRKPATRICK, Robert Storekeepers; Kooringa as McWilliams and Kirkpatrick partnership dissolved 22/9/1851.

MILBANK, George and VESSEY, George Butchers; North Adelaide (Jerningham St) partnership dissolved 6/1/1851.

MILES, James boat steerer Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

MILLER, John farmer Stonehouse Farm Fifth Creek 1847. Wife called Agnes. He had died.

MILLER, Joseph invalid immigrant to receive a steerage passage back to London by tender Jan 1850.

MILLER, Robert and BRYDEN, William A drapers Hindley St, Adelaide dissolved partnership 13/7/1848.

MILLER, Thomas Farmer; Section 412, District B 1844.

MINIFIE, William Allen and BUCKNALL, William General dealers partnership dissolved 1/11/1851.

MITCHELL, John tailor pt Section 51, District B Black Forest 1843.

MITCHELL, Joseph arrived SA Trafalgar. Drowned August 1847 in the Guichen Bay District, while proceeding to Mt Baker’s station.

MITCHELL, Robert Surgeon; Strathalbyn formerly of Dumbarton, Scotland died c1851. No immediate family.

MOCATTA, S and GAFFNEY, DP Agents; Pt Adelaide partnership dissolved 2/11/1849.

MOGER, Edward storekeeper Pirie St, Adelaide 1845.

MONRO, James Proprietor; Section 4437, Mt Barker District 1845.

MONTEITH, Thomas Freebairn and NAYLOR, Edwin Close Merchants; Adelaide (Hindley St) trading as Monteith & Co, partnership dissolved 23/10/1850.

MOORE, Francis and RANKINE, Oliver Builders; Moore & Rankine partnership dissolved 2/6/1851.

MOORE, Ponsonby late of Dublin, Ireland Solicitor; Adelaide (North Tce, Rundle St) 1850 died c1851. No immediate family.

MOORE, William pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

MORGAN, William appointed mounted constable 1845.

MORGAN, William pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

MORRIS, Joseph Farmer pt Sections 6063, 6064, Sources of the Torrens 1844.

MORSE, Charles Constable; Metropolitan Police Force 1/3/1849.

MOULDEN, Thomas Brewer; Brownhill Creek (Deepdell Brewery), Adelaide (Pulteney St) insolvent 30/7/1851.

MOULTON, RH Poundkeeper Government Farm Upper Sturt 1848.

MULHERAN, Andrew mounted constable 1845.

MULLER, G and LUHRS, C tenant farmers Sections 278, 287, District B 1843.

MÜLLER, HD and SCHRÖDER, H ironmongers and general storekeepers Tanunda dissolved partnership 10/8/1849.

MURDOCK, Margaret stockholder East side of the Bremer River 1845.

MURRAY, Andrew John gentleman Adelaide gained the right to manufacture exclusively ‘a certain new and improved windlass’ for 10 years from 13/10/1848.

MURRAY, William pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845

MUSFIELD, George Boat steerer Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

MYLES, Samuel Proprietor; Sectioins 622-624, District B 1845.

Names Beginning - N*

NASH, James George Proprietor; Sections 210, 219, 2027, District A 1845.

NEALE, Thomas publican Houghton died c1848. Estate to his wife, Elizabeth.

NEALES, JB stockholder Lake Victoria 1845.

NEATE, John Plasterer; Adelaide died 1849. Wife called Mary.

NEWBERY, James and DuRIEU, HL grocers Adelaide partnership dissolved 4/5/1849.

NEWLAND, Ridgwahy stockholder Stockport, Gilbert River Died 1849. Father, Ridgeway William Newland minister of the Gospel Encounter Bay next of kin.

NOBLE, Valentine found drowned in the Finnss River 28/10/1848.

NORTH, John R * JOWETT, Joseph partnership dissolved 5/6/1851. No details.

Names Beginning - O*

OLRICK, Friedrich Farmer; Hope Valley died c1851. no immediate family.

ORCHARD, John Constable; Metropolitan Police Force 1/4/1849.

ORMSBY, GO Esquire Auckland New Zealand 1845.

ORR, Andrew John Clerk and Collector Onkaparinga District Road Board 1850.

ORSMOND, Thomas poundkeeper Gawler 1848.

OWEN, William late of Adelaide, but then of Stockton, Upper California died 1850-1851, a bachelor. Estate to his mother Grace Thomas formerly Owen, wife of Richard Thomas of Willunga.

Names Beginning - P*

PALMER, Francis and LEWIS, Henry Taylor storekeepers Balhannah partnership dissolved 17/7/1849.

PARKE, James John and REID, James Jordan partnership dissolved 23/8/1847.

PARKER, Richard storekeeper Hindley St 1845.

PARSONS, Frederick pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

PAULL, Thomas headsman Wilde, Howard & Johnstone Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

PAYNE, Samuel pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

PAYNE, Samuel Junr farmer South Tce, Adelaide 1847. His mother, Anne, lived with him.

PENFOLD, Joseph Senr baker Adelaide died 1849. Next of kin son Joseph Penfold Junr baker Adelaide.

PENNY, Henry Francis and BOTTOMLEY, Samuel Auctioneers; Adelaide (Currie St) partnership dissolved 24/12/1850.

PENNY, Henry Francis and WEBSTER, George General Merchants; Adelaide as Penny, Webster and Co partnership dissolved 15/10/1851. HF Penny to continue trading alone.

PEPPER, John and PARKER, TH Butchers; Pt Adelaide partnership dissolved 4/10/1850.

PERRY, Thomas Parr Farmer; Sections 549, 550, District B 1845.

PETER, O’Brien Bellingham and MORGAN, Frederick G in business as Morgan, Peter &U Co, partnership dissolved 31/7/1850.

PETERS, James Tungkillo Mines, formerly of Illogan, Cornwall, England died c 1851. No immediate family.

PHILLIPS, HW and HORNE, Frederick millers West Tce Mill Adelaide partnership dissolved 20/9/1848.

PHILLIPS, William Smart formerly of Adelaide, but now of Buckland, Co Glos, England, appointed Charles Fisher corn dealer Oberlin House, Gilberton, as his attorney to manage his SA property, including power of sale 1859.

POLACK, Carl Theodor and LINDE, Hakan trading as Polack & Linde Tinmen; Adelaide (Rundle St) partnership dissolved 1850.

POLLACK, Julius Friedrich Tinman; Adelaide (Rundle St) died c1851. Estate to Christian Heinrich Pollack of Hindley St, his brother.

POOLE, James surveyor Great Eastern Road 1843.

POUNSETT, Henry Rothwell Solicitor; Adelaide (Gawler Place) admitted to the SA Bar 1851.

POWELL, Thomas & IRON, James partnership dissolved 25/4/1851. No business and place mentioned.

PRICE, John pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

PRITCHARD, Thomas pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

PRYCE, William Reynolds constable Mounted Police Force 1847.

PUDNEY, John farmer the Meadows, formerly of Little Clacton, Essex, England died 1851.

PYMBLE, James pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

Names Beginning - Q*

QUICK, NS Clerk to the Advocate-General 1847.

QUINN, James pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

Names Beginning - R*

RANDALL, William pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

REDMAN, James Died September 1849, drowned at Pt Adelaide.

REID, James, REID, Terence, THOMPSON, James Tenants; Section 2186, Dry Creek 1845.

REID, William storekeeper Mundy Tce, Guichen Bay 1849.

REYNOLDS, Thomas Born Phillipstown, King’s County, Ireland. 23. Enlisted 7/3/1844. Labourer; 11th Regiment. Deserted 6/10/1848. Married a person called Bland. ‘Supposed to have deserted in plain clothes.’

REYNOLDS, Thomas and WATERHOUSE, Joseph merchants and wholesale grocers Adelaide dissolved partnership 9/8/1849.

RICHARDSON, Margaret widow of William Richardson Mt Barker died 1849. Next of kin William Richardson Junr farmer Mt Barker only son.

RICHARDSON, William boat steerer Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

RICHMAN, John Henry & MacDONALD, JW attornies and solicitors Adelaide, partnership dissolved 26/4/1843.

RITCHIE, George pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

ROBERTS, William and TAYLOR, John Fellmongers and woolstaplers; Thebarton trading as Wm Roberts & Co partnership dissolved 29/1/1851.

ROCHE, John Arrived SA 1841 per Royal Admiral.

ROBERT, Joseph landholder Lot 4, Section 234, District B at Brighton 1843.

ROBERTS, Daniel Henry hairdresser Adelaide (Hindley St) died 1849. Next of kin wife Mary Roberts.

ROBERTSON, Henry pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

ROBERTSON, Thomas Painter; Adelaide (Leigh St) died-1849/1850. WIFE Mary.

ROBERTSON, Thomas and CLARKE, Isaac painters and glaziers Leigh St Adelaide insolvent 1848.

ROGERS, Henry headsman Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

ROGERS, William Occupier; Section 1633; Onkaparinga River, Mt Bold 1845.

ROGERS, William Occupier; Sections 291, 292, District B 1845.

ROHFAHL, Heinrich Tenant; Section 2085, District B 1845.

ROUSE, John pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

ROYAL SAPPERS & MINERS - 1 sergeant, 8 privates, 4 women and 6 children to be taken back to Britain. Half the passage money to be paid to the shipowner on embarkation; the other half upon production of a certificate issued by the Major of Brigade, Royal Sappers and Miners, Woolwich Nov 1844.

RUSSELL, William and HAYMAN, Henry Gardeners and Nurserymen; Echunga partnership dissolved 14/11/1851. W Russell to continue the business.

RYDE, Gabriel gentleman Adelaide died 1848.

Names Beginning - S*

SABBEN, William Thompson solicitor Flinders St, Adelaide 1849.

SANDERS, Robert & ANSLOW, Thomas general storekeepers Kooringa partnership dissolved 15/12/1848.

SANDERS, Samuel and MUTTON, David of Angaston partnership dissolved 11/12/1851.

SANDERSON, William Davidson and CRAWFORD, Hugh Archibald Grocers; Adelaide (Rundle St) partnership dissolved 30/9/1851.

SAYERS, William Robert and GANDY, George of Section 480, 489, District of Adelaide 1845.

SCHMÜSER, Andreas pulling hand Wilde & Howard Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

SCHROEDER, EA Surveyor Onkaparinga Road Board 1850.

SCOTT, EB Sub-Protector of the Aborigines on the Murray River 1848.

SCOTT, Thomas Stockholder; Sections 6635, 6636 between the Barossa and Western Sources of the Torrens Special Surveys 1845.

SCOTT, William Bruce Died July 1849 Yorke Peninsula, murdered by Aborigines.

SCOWCROFT, William Bowen police constable Adelaide 1847.

SECKER, George Attorney’s clerk; Adelaide (Waymouth St) formerly of Fakenham and then Wymsham, Norfolk, England died 1850/1851.

SEXTON, James labourer Skillagolee Creek, Co Stanley died 1849.

SHEPHERDSON, George Poundkeeper Allotment 60 Mt Barker resigned 6/12/1848. Pound shifted to Crown Land on the south-eastern side of the township. SHEPHERDSON, JB to become poundkeeper.

SHIRLEY, Henry carrier Adelaide (South Tce) died 1849. Next of kin widow Jane Shirley, now Jane Cooper, wife of George Cooper carrier Adelaide (South Tce).

SIMS, Richard Plasterer; Kooringa died 1849/1850. Next of kin Griffiths Sims nephew of Kooringa.

SINCLAIR, Malcolm Sheep farmer; Pt Lincoln died 1851. Next of kin John Sinclair of the New Tiers.

SINGLEHURST, Robert and ALDRIDGE, George business partners Kensington partnership dissolved 28/6/1850.

SKEATE, William S & STRATTON, Charles of Sandy Creek partnership dissolved 13/5/1851.

SMART, S and BAYNE, Frederic solicitors Adelaide partnership dissolved 1/9/1847.

SMITH, Matthew stockholder Tod River near Pt Lincoln 1845.

SNELLING, Henry Occupier; Section 260, District B 1845.

SOSCHT, Martinus pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

SCOTT, Frederick pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

SIMPSON, George pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

SMART, Benjamin Third Clerk; Pt Adelaide Customs Department appointed 11/1/1849.

SMITH, James and WINTER, Robert D farmers Hurtle Vale, partnership dissolved 20/11/1847.

SMITH, John pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

SMITH, Thomas Forsyth appointed mounted constable 1845.

SMITH, William pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

SNELLING, Henry and ENGELKE, Christian George Heinrich commission agents and corn factors Currie St, Adelaide dissolved partnership 7/2/1849.

SOLOMON, EMANUEL AND MOLOMON, JUDAH MOSS merchants sydney and adelaide partnership formed 9/3/1847.

SPARSHOTT, James Proprietor; Section 322, District A Reedbeds 1845.

SPILLER, Robert publican Emu Inn, Morphett Vale. Wife called Mary 1847.

SPURLING, Thomas pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

STAFFORD, Obadiah constable Mounted Police Force 1847.

STEAD, John Farmer; Section 812, District B 1845.

STEADMAN, David pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

STEPHENS, John Publisher; Adelaide (Hindley St) 1848. He printed the Government Gazette.

STEVENS, John and COKE, James Charles Millers and commission agents as Stevens & Coke partnership dissolved 3/11/1851.

STOCKS, Samuel the Younger storekeeper Hindley St, Adelaide 1845.

STRATTON, Charles and THRING, William partnership dissolved 1/7/1850.

STUBBS, Thomas Proprietor; Section 11, Gawler Special Survey 1845.

STUCKEY, Henry Architect; Adelaide (Hindley St) died 1851. Widow Agnes Jane Stuckey to inherit.

STURT, EPS stockholder near Mt Gambier 1845.

SULLIVAN, Michael Constable; Metropolitan Police Force 1849.

SUTHERLAND, John pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

SYMES, John David solicitor late of Axminster, Devon, England, but now of Adelaide (Angas St) began practice in SA 1849.

Names Beginning - T*

TAYLOR, John Esquire; Adelaide (Pulteney St) died 1850. Administrator Patrick James Tod Esquire Spring Grove, near Adelaide.

THOMAS, Godfrey John Private secretary to Governor Robe 1845.

THOMAS, John Occupier; Section 1285, District B 1845.

THOMAS, John pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

THOMAS, William Kyffin Proprietor; pt Section 367, District B; Tenant, pt Section 345,, District A 1845.

THOMPSON, Henry foreman of works for English and Brown builders Waymouth St, Adelaide 1865.

THOMPSON, William headsman Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

THOMSON, James Proprietor and occupier; Section 4208, Mt Barker 1844.

THOMPSON, John pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

THOMSON, William pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

TOLLISON, Frederick pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

TORMAY, Francis Born Kells Town, Co Meath, Ireland. 21 labourer. Officer’s servant; 11th Regiment. Deserted 31/10/1847.

TOTHILL, Charles stockholder Murray River 1845.

TUCKER, Benjamin Constable; Metropolitan Police Force 1/4/1849.

TULLY, William Secretary Hindmarsh Anglican Church; Hindmarsh 1849.

TUNE, Richard Farmer; Glenelg. Died 1849/1850. Wife Charlotte.

Names Beginning - U*

Names Beginning - V*

Names Beginning - W*

WAINWRIGHT, William Farmer; Section 6096, Cudlee Creek 1845.

WAKEHAM, John Yabsley and SOWARD, George carpenters, joiners and builders, undertakers Adelaide partnership dissolved 13/5/1847.

WALKER, Edward Drowned Pt Adelaide September 1849

WALKER, Samuel solicitor formerly of Bell’s Buildings, Fleet St, London, but now of Grote St, Adelaide 1849.

WALKER, William barrister and solicitor formerly of London, now of Gilles St, Adelaide 1848.

WALSH, Michael Born Deansfort, Co Kilkenny, Ireland. Enlisted 24/2/1844 Kilkenny. Labourer; 11th Regiment. Married a person called Melvill in Adelaide. Deserted 7/10/1848.

WARD, Henry pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

WATTS, William pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

WEARING, William Alfred late of Lincoln’s Inn, Middlesex, England now Solicitor; Greenhill Creek 1850.

WEBSTER, Robert Captain 11th Regiment Foot 1847.

WEEDON, Henry carpenter, formerly of Coburg Road, Peckham, near London, late of SA. Emigrated aboard the Hooghly. Died 1848. Wife called Henrietta.

WEIR, William Architect, rate assessor; North Adelaide 1849.

WHELLER, James Surveyor; Penwortham died 1849/1850. Wife Charlotte.

WERE, Jonathan Binns, CRANE, William Camp & TODD, Alfred Addison merchants and commercial agents Adelaide dissolved partnership 22/2/1849. Firm to continue as Were & Todd & Co.

WHANIER, William builder Mt Barker died 1849. Next of kin, Jessie Whanier widow of W Whanier.

WIGLEY, John Gwyn Middleton, late of New Inn, Middlesex, England Solicitor; Adelaide (Grenfell St, Clarke’s Buildings Hindley St) 1850.

WILDE, James & HOWARD, John whaling company Encounter Bay 1844.

WILKINSON, Robert Born Westmoreland. Private 96th Regiment. Deserted 23/8/1845. ‘Fatigue jacket, forage cap and belt … marked with Indian ink on both arms and on the body’.

WILLIAMS, Cunningham stockholder Right bank of the Murray River above Moorundie 1845.

WILLIAMS, George Edwin late clerk to George Philcox Hill of Turner & Hill Brighton, Sussex now Solicitor; North Adelaide 1850.

WILLIAMS, James worked for JB Hughes, of Bundaleer. Died 1848/1849.

WILLIAMS, John stockholder ‘The left bank of the Murray River’ 1845.

WILLIAMS, William pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

WILLIAMSON, Gilbert Robert wood cutter Le Fevre Peninsula Pt Adelaide died 1849.

WILLIS, James Carrier; Pt Gawler died 1849/1850. Wife called Mary Ann Bowden, wife of Samuel Bowden formerly Willis.

WILLMOTT, William Occupier; pt Section 1570, District of Adelaide 1845.

WILLOUGHBY, John appointed mounted constable 1845.

WILSON, John pulling hand Wilde & Howard Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

WILSON, Thomas Born Carlisle, Cumberland. Sawyer. Enlisted Salford, Lancs, for the 96th Regiment. Aged 24. Deserted and returned Sept 1845.

WIMAN, William pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

WINTER, John Stover in Adelaide 1847.

WINTER, Trevor and BESWICK, John graziers Mt Gambier dissolved partnership 4/4/1849.

WINZOR, John occupier; Sections 149, 150 District B 1843.

WITHEROW, Joseph Loxley witness 1847.

WOOD, George pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

WORTHINGTON, George late of Liverpool, Lancs, England now Solicitor; Kensington 1850.

WOTHERSPOON, J Managing Director SA Marine & Fire & Life Assurance Co, Grenfell St, Adelaide 1845.

WRIGHT, William and LINN, Robert Settlers; Section 373, District B 1845.

Names Beginning - X*

Names Beginning - Y*

YOUNG, Adam & Co of Hindley St, dissolved partnership 6/2/1843. Partner Andrew Harriot.

YOUNG, Charles Jewell Miller Hackney (Company’s Mill) died c1851. Estate to widow Augusta Caroline Young.

YOUNG, James pulling hand Hagen, Baker & Hart Whale Fisheries Co 1845.

YOUNG, James late of the Royal Sappers & Miners appointed Second Draftsman in the Survey Office 1/1/1849.

YOUNG, William Ebenezer and BRADLEY, Edward General storekeepers; Morphett Vale partnership dissolved 10/3/1851. WE YOUNG to carry on business.

YOUNGHUSBAND, William Junr & YOUNG, George merchant partnership 1/5/1845.

YOUNGHUSBAND, William Junr stockholder Flinders Ranges 1845.

Names Beginning - Z*

Insolvent Names

Names Beginning - A*

ALLEN, Frederick William publican Temple Tavern Gilles Arcade, formerly of the Southern Cross Currie St, Adelaide insolvent 1846.

ARCHER, James merchant Rundle St, Adelaide insolvent 1845.

ARTHUR, James the Elder storekeeper Hindley St, Adelaide insolvent 1845.

AULD, Thomas publican Gawler insolvent 28/5/1849.

Names Beginning - B*

BARNETT, Joseph farmerly publican and constable King St, Pt Lincoln insolvent 1845.

BARTON, Edmund labourer Brownhill Creek, formerly farmer Reedbeds, then clerk Adelaide insolvent 1848.

BAUER, Carl Farmer; Section 425, Barossa Range Survey bankrupt 1844.

BAYE, William Henry Cabinetmaker; Adelaide (Angas St), Norwood insolvent 1851.

BAYLES, Gascoin Noe Edwin Mariner; Adelaide (Norfolk Arms, Rundle St) insolvent 19/7/1850.

BENFIELD, James Carpenter; Reedbeds insolvent 1849.

BENNETT, Samuel merchant Rundle St, Adelaide insolvent 1842; still in Adelaide 1847.

BICKFORD, John Publican; North Kapunda insolvent 1850.

BIGWOOD, Levi innkeeper Rundle St, Adelaide insolvent 1847.

BISHOP, John General dealer; Adelaide (Currie St) insolvent 8/10/1851.

BLACKHAM, Frederic formerly compositor Grenfell St, later grocer Rundle St Adelaide, insolvent 1848.

BLAKE, Jeremiah Grocer; Adelaide (Rundle St) insolvent 1/9/1851.

BONNING, Henry Publican; North Adelaide insolvent 1851.

BORROW, Richard Earles and GOODIAR, James builders and farmers Adelaide trading as Borrow & Goodiar insolvent 1843.

BOSWARVA, Henry Mooringe accountant Adelaide insolvent 1845.

BRINKER, August Licensed victualler; Adelaide (City Arms Inn, King William St) insolvent 19/11/1851.

BRISTOW, Robert builder Brighton insolvent 1845.

BROOKS, Abraham Licensed victualler; Hackney insolvent 28/5/1851.

BROOKS, Edward Painter and glazier; Adelaide (Rundle St) insolvent 17/12/1851.

BROWN, George William Storekeeper; Kooringa, Boarding house keeper; Adelaide (Hindley St), later pilot Pt Adelaide insolvent 1850.

BROWN, James General dealer; Adelaide (Hindley St) then carpenter Currie St. insolvent 4/2/1851.

BROWN, Macduff Storekeeper; Adelaide (Flinders St) insolvent 16/12/1851.

BROWN, Peter Hill and BROWN, Hayes licensed victuallers formerly of the Light River, but now of Adelaide insolvent 1847.

BRYANT, Lewis commission agent Grenfell St, Adelaide insolvent 1848.

BULPIN, James butcher Alberton insolvent 23/12/1848.

BUNCE, James, BUNCE, Richard and BROWN, John Merchants and smelters; Adelaide. Insolvent 22/1/1851.

BUTLER, George stone mason Adelaide (Robert St) insolvent 25/6/1849.

Names Beginning - C*

CALVERT, William sheep farmer Murray River insolvent 1848.

CARR, Robert Merchants and general dealer; Adelaide (Grenfell St) insolvent 30/7/1851. In partnership with WC Eland, trading as Carr & Eland.

CHAMBERLAIN, Godfrey Francis Oil and colourman; Adelaide (North Tce) insolvent 1849.

CHAMBERS, John Blacksmith; North Adelaide (Kermode St) insolvent 26/12/1850.

CHANTER, John Licensed victualler; Adelaide (Leigh St) insolvent 18/6/1851.

CHAPMAN, Henry Law clerk; Adelaide (Hurtle Square) insolvent 18/10/1851.

CHAPPLE, John Publican; Little Para (Bull and Mouth Inn) insolvent 1850.

CHATFIELD, William Alfred mariner Hindley St, Adelaide insolvent 1845.

CLODIUS, Theodore Storekeeper; Adelaide (King William St), later Tanunda insolvent 1850.

COGLIN, William Francis Timber merchant; Adelaide insolvent 1849.

COLLISON, Marcus dealer in earthenware Gouger St, late of Rundle St, King William St, Adelaide insolvent 1849.

CONDON, Michael Farmer; Para Plains, Hundred of Munno Para insolvent 11/3/1851. He could not write.

COOKE, William carpenter and wheelwright King William St, Adelaide insolvent April 1843.

COOTE, William storekeeper Kooringa insolvent 9/5/1851.

COUZENS, William boot and shoemaker, formerly of Rundle St, Adelaide, late of Dry Creek insolvent 1845.

Names Beginning - D*

DALTON, John Walter Frederick Accountant; Adelaide insolvent 1850.

DAVIS, Abraham Hopkins and WILLIAMS, Harriot merchants Adelaide insolvent Sep 1843. W Bartley their solicitor.

DE HORNE, John Wilde now miller North Adelaide, formerly merchant King William St Adelaide; then miller Wright St Adelaide, Noarlunga, and North Adelaide insolvent 1847.

DEAN, William Licensed victualler; Sandy Creek (the Irish Harp), Adelaide (Norwich Arms, Flinders St) insolvent 30/7/1851.

DESENCLOS, Francois Licensed victualler; Adelaide (Hindley St) insolvent 24/6/1851.

DICK, James Labourer; Netherly near Brownhill Creek; later licensed victualler; North Adelaide (Kermode St) insolvent 12/3/1851.

DIGNUM, Andrew Tailor; Adelaide (Currie St, Leigh St) insolvent 8/4/1851.

DUFF, Joseph Licensed victualler; Adelaide (Gouger St; later Grote St out of business) insolvent 28/5/1851.

DUNKIN, William sheep farmer Rappoyo, near Pt Lincoln late of South Road, near Adelaide insolvent 1849.

DURIEU, Henry Louis grocer and tea dealer Rundle St, Adelaide insolvent 1849.

DUTHY, Charles Landholder; Adelaide (South Tce) insolvent 1849.

Names Beginning - E*

EDMUNDS, Joseph tailor late Hindley St, last Gawler Place, Adelaide and formerly of Hollybush Farmn, Kensington insolvent 1845.

EDWARDS, George Richard carrier and carpenter Tenterden near Adelaide insolvent 4/6/1849.

EDWARDS, James Benjamin Watchmaker; Adelaide (Exchange Portico, King William St, Pirie St, King William St), then Marryatville out of business insolvent 4/9/1851.

EDWARDS, Joseph Brewer; Morphett Vale, Adelaide (Grenfell St) insolvent 19/5/1851.

ELAND, William CreatonMerchant and general dealer; Adelaide (Grenfell St) insolvent 30/7/1851.

EMERY, Isaac License d victualler; Adelaide (Franklin St) insolvent 1851.

EMERY, Joseph Wheelwright; Hindmarsh insolvent 19/7/1850.

EWART, John Peter Charles Commission agent; Adelaide (Rundle St) insolvent 21/11/1851.

Names Beginning - F*

FLAXMAN, Charles Gentleman; Adelaide (Rundle St) insolvent 30/4/1851.

FLOATE, Henry Licensed victualler; Clarendon insolvent 1850.

FOOTT, Nicholas Stockholder; Flaxman Valley insolvent 17/4/1850.

FOSTER, Robert Butcher; Adelaide (Currie St) insolvent 24/7/1850.

FOULKES, Charles Plumber, painter and glazier; Gawler insolvent 1/11/1851.

FOUNTAIN, James Blacksmith; Adelaide (Brown St) insolvent 2/4/1851.

FRAZER/FRASER, John storekeeper North Kapunda insolvent 1849.

FRY, Anson Labourer, innkeeper; Battunga, Echunga insolvent 1850.

FULLER, John Licensed victualler; Adelaide (Union Inn, Grenfell St) later out of business Wakefield St insolvent 1851.

Names Beginning - G*

GARRATT, Samuel Beattie merchant and commission agent Pirie St, Adelaide insolvent 1845.

GEORGE, James Shoemaker; Adelaide (Hindley St) insolvent 1851.

GEORGE, William Henry insolvent Adelaide. EN Emmett & Co, of Hindley St, Adelaide, to auction off his property 27/1/1849 ‘All the insolvent’s interest in certain allotments of freehold land, being portion of TA 412 in Angas St, Adelaide, ‘together with the buildings thereon, consisting of a house of five rooms, and two other houses partly built; about 50’ frontage by nearly the depth of the Acre, with entrance to private road. All the interest of the said insolvent in a certain lease, having about 17 years to run, at a ground-rent of £117/10/- per annum, on which the insolvent has erected two houses, the same being situate in King William St, Adelaide, adjoining the premises of Messrs Waterhouse, and now in the occupation of Mr Bickford and Dr Smith.

GILBY, John Storekeeper; Dry Creek, Pine Forest insolvent 6/3/1851.

GILL, George Duff in partnership with Robert Gill trading as Ribert Gill & Co Merchants; Sydney (King St), Adelaide (King William St, Leigh St) insolvent 22/4/1851.

GILL, Samuel Thomas Artist; Adelaide (Pirie St) insolvent 10/9/1851.

GILPIN, Bernard and GILPIN, Charles sheep farmers Cowandale Strathalbyn insolvent 1850.

GLEESON, Edward Burton Esquire insolvent 1845.

GODLEE, John formerly blacksmith and wheelwright Echunga, then of Rundle St, later publican Grenfell St, Adelaide insolvent 1847.

GODWIN, James Baker; Adelaide (Wright St) insolvent 5/8/1851.

GOOCH, Charles merchant Torrens River, near Adelaide insolvent 1847.

GOWER, Erasmus Able Henry late sheep farmer Pt Lincoln, now clerk, Kensington insolvent 12/9/1849.

GRAY, Henry General dealer; North Adelaide (Kermode St), Adelaide (Botting’s Rents) insolvent 4/6/1851.

GREIG, Benjamin Livery-stable keeper; Adelaide (Hindley St) insolvent 19/2/1851.

GIUDICI, Salvatore Licensed victualler; Adelaide (the Clarendon Hotel), North Adelaide (out of business) insolvent 30/4/1851.

Names Beginning - H*

HAILES, Nathaniel Auctioneer; Adelaide (Hindley St, Leigh St, King William St) insolvent 5/3/1851.

HALL, Thomas Herne & COUNSELL, Samuel Grocers; Adelaide (Rundle St) trading as Hall & Counsell insolvent 2/1/1851.

HALL, William bricklayer Hawdon St Adelaide insolvent 1847.

HALLACK, William stockholder Northern Plains insolvent 1845.

HAMILTON, Edward Cattle salesman; Brighton insolvent 26/5/1851.

HAMILTON, Robert publican and cordial manufacturer formerly of the Royal Admiral, Hindley St, now of the Bush Club Hotel, Franklin St, Adelaide insolvent 1845.

HARRIS, Edmund formerly licensed victualler Adelaide, (Franklin St, afterwards of Wright St), then McLaren Vale, and lately of Gilles Arcade insolvent 1845.

HARRIS, Frank Arthur Licensed victualler; Gawler insolvent 7/10/1851.

HARRISON, Frederick Carpenter and builder; Adelaide (Leigh St) insolvent 1850.

HARRISON, John Jesson, HARRISON, Robert, HARRISON, Henry farmers Lyndoch Valley insolvent 1845.

 HARWARD, Thomas Tinman, innkeeper; Adelaide (Hindley St) later gentleman (Grote St) insolvent 1850.

HAUSSEN, FW storekeeper Adelaide (Halifax St) insolvent 1848.

HAWKINS, Otto Licensed victualler; Adelaide (King William St) insolvent 23/12/1851.

HEWETT, Henry Grigg clerk North Adelaide insolvent 1847.

HILLIER, John publican Brown St, Adelaide insolvent 1845.

HILMERS, Philipp German agent; Adelaide insolvent 1851.

HODGE, William Innkeeper; Adelaide (King William St) insolvent 9/10/1851. He could not write.

HOHMUTH, Johann Gottlieb Shoemaker; Adelaide (Wakefield St) insolvent 3/6/1851.

HOILES, John Licensed victualler; Skillogolee Creek insolvent 23/4/1851.

HOLDING, Robert Baker; Alberton insolvent 27/8/1851.

HOPKINS, Joseph stockholder Rapid Bay insolvent 1847.

HÜBBE, Ulrich Farmer; Section 26, Angas Park, Co Light, and afterwards of the Parklands, Adelaide out of business ,bankrupt 1844.

HUNTER, John Labourer; Prospect. Insolvent 1850.

HUTCHENS, William Grocer and storekeeper; Adelaide (Hindley St) insolvent 10/9/1851.

HUTCHINGS, Henry Storekeeper; Adelaide (King William St) insolvent 29/7/1851.

Names Beginning - I*

IRON, James Publican; Tungkillo (Campbell Arms) insolvent 12/11/1851.

ISAACHSEN, Hans Thomas Wine and spirit merchant; Adelaide (Hindley St) insolvent 2/6/1851.

Names Beginning - J*

JACKSON, Henry Storekeeper; Staughton insolvent 11/3/1851.

JAMES, John Draper and general storekeeper; Kooringa insolvent 18/10/1849.

JAMES, William Gentleman; Adelaide insolvent 1851.

JAMES, William Clerk; Adelaide (Hindley St) insolvent 13/8/1851.

JARVIS, George stockholder formerly of Yass NSW, and later of Adelaide insolvent 1848.

JOHNSTON, John Spink sheep farmer Tarkunga, Green Hills Special Survey insolvent 1847.

JOHNSON, Henry cabinetmaker Adelaide (Currie St and Leigh St, formerly of King William St) insolvent 1848.

JOHNSON, Henry Gentleman; Adelaide insolvent 6/8/1851.

JONES, John labourer Hindmarsh insolvent 1845.

JONES, Thomas farmer, late Sheriff’s officer Willunga, formerly North Adelaide insolvent 20/1/1843.

JONES, Thomas builder Adelaide insolvent 1847.

JOSEPHS, Louis General dealer; Adelaide (Hindley St) insolvent 7/11/1850.

JOUBERT, Jules Francois Merchant; Adelaide (Grenfell St) insolvent 16/8/1851.

Names Beginning - K*

KEKWICK, William Darton Storekeeper; Kooringa (in partnership with James Thompson) insolvent 24/5/1851.

KELL, Thomas Smith farmer Reedbeds insolvent 1845.

KEMPLAY, Robert Wilson Carpenter and builder; Adelaide (Rosina St) insolvent 19/9/1851.

KENNY, Dennis Storekeeper; Clare insolvent 28/5/1851.

KENT, Benjamin Archer miller Preliminary Section 255, near Adelaide, insolvent 25/4/1843.

KING, Robert Journeyman miller; Hindmarsh (Robert St) insolvent 1851.

KNIGHT, George Butcher; Adelaide (Rundle St) insolvent 17/4/1850.

KRONK, Nicholas Frederick Chemist and druggist; Adelaide (Hindley St) insolvent 24/6/1851.

Names Beginning - L*

LANGE, Julius Storekeeper; North Adelaide, Angas Park insolvent 1850.

LA VENCE, Richard Grocer; Adelaide (Rundle St) insolvent 1851.

LAVERS, Philip Carpenter and builder; Adelaide (Gawler Place) insolvent 3/2/1851.

LENNON, James Farmer; Coromandel Valley insolvent 13.12.1851 He could not write.

LEOPOLD, Carl Butcher; Tanunda insolvent 5/11/1851.

Names Beginning - M*

MacDOUGALL, Archibald printer and publisher of Gleeville near Adelaide, and lately farmer and stockholder of Attyforde on the Little Para, became insolvent 27/4/1843.

MARTIN, George master mariner Adelaide (Rundle St) insolvent 1845.

MARTIN, JOHN Miner; Kooringa insolvent 1850.

MARTIN, Joseph Butcher; Adelaide (Rundle St) 1851.

McDONALD, Alexander Licensed victualler; Adelaide (Gilles Arcade) insolvent 4/6/1851.

McHARG, John farmer Currency Creek, formerly of Bull Creek insolvent 1847.

McLEAN, William Licensed victualler; Adelaide (Currie St) insolvent 4/6/1851.

McLEOD, James farmer and stockholder Tarranga, near the Onkaparinga River, insolvent 18/5/1843.

MILBANK, George Butcher; Adelaide (Rundle St) insolvent 25/7/1851.

MILLER, James Joiner & builder; Pt Adelaide (St Vincent St) insolvent 23/4/1851.

MILLS, Charles Clarke Master mariner; Pt Adelaide insolvent 6/6/1851.

MITCHELL, Francis landlord Red Lion, Rundle St, Adelaide insolvent 1847.

MITCHELL, Frederick farmer Oakhill Farm, Onkaparinga insolvent 1843.

MONTEFIORE, Jacob and MOTEFIORE, Joseph Barrow merchants, dealers and chapmen late of George St, Mansion House, London and recently of Nicholas Lane, London bankrupt 4/5/1849. ‘All persons wishing to rent or purchase anyh of the above mentioned town or country land lately belonging to the said Bankrupts in the colony of SA, are requested to apply to Alexander Lang Elder Esquire … ‘ G Gazette 16/8/1849.

MULLARD, Thomas baker Encounter Bay insolvent 1847.

MORAN, Thomas Coachsmith; Adelaide (Rundle St) insolvent 1850.

MURPHY, Timotrhy Dairyman; Churchfield Chain of Ponds; farmer; Gumeracha; unemployed Western Sources of the Torrens insolvent 7/8/1850.

MURRAY, Andrew merchant Adelaide (Hindley and Rundle Sts) insolvent 6/1/1843.

MURRAY, David Alexander storekeeper Adelaide (Hindley St) insolvent 1847.

MYERS, Edward Law stationer and general agent; Adelaide (Rosina St) insolvent 15/4/1851.

Names Beginning - N*

NEALE, William Henry auctioneer and general agent Franklin St, Adelaide insolvent 1843.

NEILL, Jopseh Licensed victualler; Adelaide (Fountain Inn, Robert St), later out of business Hindley St insolvent 18/6/1851.

NESS, John Grocer; Adelaide (Waymouth St; later out of business Brown St) insolvent 18/6/1851

NEWMAN, John Ship broker and commission agent; Adelaide (Rundle St), then Pt Adelaide insolvent 1850.

NISSEN, George Storekeeper; Adelaide (Ackland St) insolvent 25/6/1851.

NOTT, John Grocer and baker; Kensington insolvent 19/3/1851.

Names Beginning - O*

O’BRIEN, Joseph Butcher; Adelaide (Waymouth St) insolvent 9/7/1851.

O’CONNOR, John Carpenter and builder; Adelaide (Roper St), then licensed victualler (Flinders St), later joiner and builder; North Adelaide (Kermode St) insolvent 25/6/1851.

OSBOURNE, Charles Licensed victualler; Glenelg, Gawler Plains; then butcher; Gawler Plains. Insolvent 17/1/1851.

Names Beginning - P*

PAGE, Thompson Scott Farmer; Adelaide insolvent 24/12/1851.

PAVELIN, Edward Wine cooper; Adelaide (Currie St, later Hindley St) insolvent 3/12/1849.

PEARCE, William merchant tailor Adelaide (Rundle St), later Glenelg 1843.

PHILLIPS, Henry Weston Merchant; Adelaide (Hindley St) insolvent 1848.

PHILLIPS, Joseph Edwards Sheep farmer; St Vincent Special Survey, then McPherson’s Gully, then Rapid Bay; Carrier; Glen Osmond; later Gentleman; Adelaide (Rundle St) insolvent 20/2/1850.

PHILLIPSON Montague Levi merchant Adelaide (King William St), then of St Mary’s South Road insolvent 1850.

PINKSTONE, George Independent Minister; Gawler Town, Hope Valley (on the Torrens), Norwood (Osmond Tce) insolvent 3/4/1851.

POWELL, John bricklayer Adelaide (Hawdon St) insolvent 1847.

PRESSDEE, Jeremiah Setter; Cox Creek insolvent 25/6/1851.

PRETTEJOHN, Nathaniel insolvent 1845.

PROCTOR, John Farmer and sheep farmer; Rapid Bay insolvent 3/7/1850.

Names Beginning - Q*

Names Beginning - R*

RANKINE, Robert dairyman and farmer Mt Crawford insolvent 1845.

RESLEIGH, John Carpenter & builder; Adelaide (Angas St) insolvent 21/4/1851.

REYNARD, George Builder; Adelaide (Carrington St, Angaas St) insolvent 28/11/1850.

REYNELL, John Farmer; Hurtle Vale insolvent 1843.

RIORDAN, Daniel Licensed victualler; Adelaide (Rundle St) insolvent 27/9/1851.

ROBERTS, Charles Willshere Auctioneer; Kooringa insolvent 18/7/1850.

ROBERTS, George Butcher, brewer; Gawler insolvent 1850.

ROBERTS, Joel Agent; Hackney insolvent 4/4/1851.

ROBINSON, John Jessey Teamster and farmer; Brighton; later, Licensed victualler; Gawler (Sportsman’s Hotel) insolvent 1/5/1851.

ROGERS, John Phillips Carpenter; Adelaide (King William St) insolvent 1851.

ROSS, John Francis Share broker; Adelaide (King William St) insolvent 19/11/1851.

Names Beginning - S*

SANDERS, Robert Licensed victualler; Pt Adelaide insolvent 1851.

SANDFORD, William Land agent; Edgeton, near Adelaide insolvent 19/3/1851.

SANGER, Mildred Commission agent and boarding house keeper; Adelaide (Rundle St) insolvent 23/12/1851.

SCOTT, Archibald Farmer; Fifth Creek; now Licensed victualler; Adelaide (Franklin St) insolvent 4/6/1851.

SEXTON, James Labourer; Skillogalee Creek insolvent 1849.

SHANKS, Peter Baker and confectioner; Adelaide (Hindley St) insolvent 24/6/1851.

SHAYLE, Thomas gentleman Adelaide (South Tce) insolvent 27/6/1849.

SHEPHERD, William Henry late butcher, Hindley St Adelaide and Pt Adelaide, last farmer Section 34 Sturt River insolvent 1845.

SIMPSON, William bricklayer Waymouth St, Adelaide insolvent 1847.

SIMS, Lymus Contractor; Adelaide (Rundle St) insolvent 13/11/1850.

SMITH, John Brickmaker; Hindmarsh insolvent 1851.

SMITH, William Draper; Kensington insolvent 23/7/1851.

SNOOKE, John insolvent find.

SPARKS, Henry carpenter and builder Section 204, Holdfast Bay late of Leigh St, Adelaide insolvent 30/4/1849.

STAKEMANN, Hermann Conrad Merchant; Adelaide insolvent 1851.

STEIN, James sheep farmer Wakefield River insolvent 1848.

SKUCE, Thomas publican Tom O’ Lincoln Thebarton insolvent 1848.

STEPHENSON, Andrew horse dealer late of Launceston, VDL and now of Adelaide SA insolvent 1847.

STEVENS, George printer and publisher north Adelaide insolvent 1843.

STEVENS, William Stockford Licensed victualler; near Walkerville (Section 475)

STRICKLAND, Richard Grocer and tea dealer; Adelaide (Rundle St) insolvent 1849.

STUCKEY, John formerly baker Rundle St, later farmer Meadows Special Survey,m then baker Elizabeth St, Hobart VDL, now out of business Rundle St, Adelaide insolvent 1845.

SULLIVAN, John Carrier; Adelaide (Hindley St) insolvent 22/10/1849.

Names Beginning - T*

TAUBMAN, John Storekeeper; Adelaide (King William St, Morphett St) insolvent 1851.

TAYLOR, Robert Sheep farmer; Willunga insolvent 5/12/1851.

THOMAS, William Rodolph Law clerk; Adelaide (Gawler Place), then licensed victualler Pine Forest, Great North Road insolvent 1851.

THOMPSON, James Storekeeper and general dealer; Aberdeen and Kooringa insolvent 28/5/1851.

THOMSON, Bryce baker Hindley St, Adelaide insolvent 1845.

THORNBER, Robert Clerk; Adelaide (North Tce); later out of business Mitcham insolvent 29/1/1851.

TOD, Robert sharebroker North Adelaide (Gover St) insolvent 8/3/1849.

TOMKINS, butcher Adelaide (Halifax St) insolvent 1845.

TURNER, John Fruiterer and general dealer; Adelaide (Hindley St) insolvent 11/2/1851.

TYNDALL, James Richard and STAREY, George Coleman Timber merchants and carpenters; Adelaide (Blyth St) insolvent 14/6/1850.

Names Beginning - U*

USHER, George Bootmaker; Adelaide (Rundle St) insolvent 1/4/1851.

Names Beginning - V*

VALLANCE, Henry bricklayer Waymouth St, Adelaide 1847.

VALRENT, Peter de Putron Merchant; Adelaide (Grenfell St) insolvent 24/12/1851.

Names Beginning - W*

WALKER, Joseph Henry Builder; Adelaide (Rundle St) insolvent 10/12/1851.

WALSH, David Licensed victualler; Adelaide (Hindley St) insolvent 30/6/1851.

WASLEY, Henry Miner; Kooringa insolvent 9/4/1851.

WATSON, Henry merchant formerly Adelaide, late of Pt Adelaide insolvent 1847.

WATTS, George Butcher; Adelaide (Queen St, King William St), Kooringa insolvent 1851.

WEBB, Edward Charles merchant’s clerk formerly of North Adelaide, then of Rundle St, and then Hindley St Adelaide insolvent 1848. Accountant and commission agent; Kensington, Adelaide (Gilbert Place), afterwards Aerated water manufacturer; Adelaide (Morphett St) insolvent 8/12/1851.

WEDEMEYER, Heinrich Wilhelm Storekeeper; Hahndorf, Tungkillo insolvent 11/9/1851.

WHELAND, John licensed victualler late of Rivoli Bay, formerly of the Tasmanian Hotel, Hindley St, and now of Gouger St Adelaide out of business insolvent 30/5/1849.

WHITE, George carpenter West Tce, Adelaide insolvent 1845.

WILLIAMS, Edward stockholder Moorundee, Murray River insolvent 25/4/1849.

WILLIAMS, James formerly merchant and auctioneer Pt Nelson and Pt Nicholson New Zealand, late out of business Adelaide insolvent 1846.

WILLIAMS, William Brewer; Walkerville insolvent 25/11/851.

WILLOUGHBY, Oliver Grocer and storekeeper, dealer and chapman; Adelaide (Waymouth St, Hindley St) insolvent 17/6/1851.s

WILSON, Robert Tailor; Adelaide (Rundle St) formerly of 13 North Bridge St, Edinburgh, Scotland insolvent 1850.

WITT, James George formerly storekeeper Adelaide and Bunbury WA insolvent 1845.

WRIGHT, William master mariner Hindmarsh insolvent 1845.

Names Beginning - X*

Names Beginning - Y*

YOUNG, Charles Publican; Gawler (Young’s Hotel); later out of business Angaston insolvent 30/7/1851.

YOUNG, William Ebenezer Storekeeper; Morphett Vale insolvent 20/2/1850.

Names Beginning - Z*

ZIMMLER, Carl Theodor Friedrich Chemist and druggist; Adelaide (Hindley St) insolvent 30/6/1851.


Miscellaneous Additional Information Included in Computer File

Sir James Malcolm Knight and Lieutenant-Colonel in HM Army and a Knight Companion of the Bath, I give and bequeath to my son William, now residing at The Glen in the Barossa Station in SA, 250 of the best ewes and 5 rams to be selected by him from my general stock of sheep in SA. And I direct my said son William to present to Mr Thomas Williams of the Hermitage in SA 40 or 50 of the best of my stock. Daughter Margaret to get 400 ewes and 5 rams to be well selected from one to 5 years old from my said general sheep stock in SA … I also give to my daughter Margaret the use of the portraits of my father and mother now in my residence at Milnholm aforesaid during her life or for so long a time as she shall reside at Milnholm … I give the same pictures to my dear daughter Jane Bardgett, wife of William Bardgett of Old Broad St in the City of London absolutely. Son William to get one third of the SA flock after the above bequests have been made. Son Pulteney to get two thirds of the flock. The two sons had to pay two equal thirds of their father’s debts. Daughter Margaret had to pay one third equal share of the debts. Son Pulteney to pay son William half the value of sections in SA which James Malcolm still owned. James’s brothers, the Rev’d Gilbert Malcolm Clerk in Holy Orders Todenham Rectory, Glos, England, and Rear Admiral Sir Charles Malcolm of the Senior United Service Club in London. A James Anderson had the lease of some land and sheep in SA. Daughter Jane Bardgett to get money for herself and to raise her children.


Colonial Labour Office, Adelaide 1/7/1851  -  The persons most out of employ, are those who never ought to have come. Farming and mining are the staple employments, and these are not overdone; but of what use are portrait painters, druggist’s assistants, lawyers’ clerks, book-keepers, salesmen, storekeepers and persons who have no trades in their hands, in a Colony like this consisting of 70,000 persons in all grades of society? Care must be taken by philanthropic individuals only to send such as can labour hard for their living - bush work is no child’s play, and masters who have to work hard for their own living, have a strong desire that their workmen should be able to endure hard work also.

Women, too, who know nothing of housework, and the proper duties of a family, are very unfit to be sent here; because, a man having his own land, and getting a living thereby, wants a wife who can manage indoors, while he is doing the business of the farm.

Needlewomen, ladies’ maids, dressmakers, upper nurses, genteel housekeepers, and all highly-educated poor women, have very little chance here to get on; the fact is, all have to work, and work hard, because seventeen out of every twenty farmers work upon their own land, and do the work mainly themselves - and what can these do with fine ladies for wives and helpers??? Government Gazette 10/7/1851.


George F Dashwood Commissioner of Police Report Quarter 30 June 1851.  -  About 10 o’clock at night, on 16th June, two desperate villains obtained an entrance to the house of one Richard Daw, living in a detached situation on the Glen Osmond Road, and with threats and violence robbed the inmates of about 8s in money, some clothes, and other articles of little value. The suspected parties were apprehended, and are now in gaol awaiting their trial.

Some cases of highway robbery have occurred during the present quarter, and in one instance attended with violence of a murderous character. Reports are moreover frequent, though not officially made known to the police, of persons having been interfered with by footpads in traversing the Park Lands and suburbs of the City after dark. this is a class of offence which, if carried to any extent, I consider is more to be dreaded than almost any other in the catalogue of crime, inasmuch as it with great difficulty guarded against, and rarely capable of detection; it is therefore to be hoped that as few temptations as possible will be held out to this description of marauders by persons who are compelled to traverse these parts by night, abstaining from carrying with them money or articles of value; but in lieu thereof, a good bludgeon or pistol. …

It is almost a nightly occurrence that persons come to the station-house in a state of semi-intoxication, complain of being robbed, and upon the police going with them, in many instances, half over the town, return without having met with the least success, owing to the inebriety of the person making the complaint. … In the investigation of many of these cases, we find the parties robbed going into brothels and other notoriously bad houses, with large sums of money about their persons,, exhibiting the contents of their pockets to by-standers, getting drunk, and as a matter of course losing their money. While there are so many incautious persons, it can be no matter of surprise that there should be no lack of professional thieves.