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Ship Sophie -

passengers from Hamburg 23/8/1879



ANDRASS, Andreas (//-//). Ag labourer.

ANDRASS, Mrs Andreas nee Rosa ? (//-//)

ANDRASS, M (//-//)

ANDRASS, N (//-//)


BLUME, August (//-//)

BOEHM, Hermann (//-//). Joiner.

BUDA/BUDER, J (//-//)

BUDA/BUDER, M (//-//)


BUDA/BUDER, S (//-//)


DORRIES/DOWIES, Heinrich (//-//)

EISENBERG, Johann Hermann (26/2/1837-15/10/1900). Born Hamburg. Died Stepney SA. Butcher; Lobethal, Stepney. Is he a relative to publican Hermann Franz Leopold Isenberg? In SA by 1876.

EISENBERG, Mrs JH nee Pauline HESSE (11/2/1852-25/1/1907)

EISENBERG, H (//-//)

EISENBERG, P (//-//)

EISENBERG, E (//-//)

EISENBERG, W (//-//)

EISENBERG, Bertha (//c1869-//1938). m LINDO.

EISENBERG, L (//-//)

EISENBERG, E (//-//)

EISENBERG, J (//-//)

ELSHOLZ, Friedrich (//-//). Brickmaker.

ELSHOLZ, Mrs Friedrich nee Friedericke ? (//-//)

ELSHOLZ, Emma (//-//)

ELSHOLZ, Marie (//-//)

ELSHOLZ, Clara (//-//)

ENGLER, Johann (//-//). Ag labourer.

FETTKE, Wilhelm (//-//). Ag labourer.

FETTKE, Mrs Wilhelm nee Luise KRUSKE (//-//)

FETTKE, H (//-//)

FETTKE, Ernst (//-//). m Martha nee WITTWER.

FETTKE, B (//-//)

FETTKE, C (//-//)

FIEGE, Dr (//-//)

FIMMEL, Johann G (//-//). Ag labourer.

FIMMEL, Mrs JG nee Johanna ? (//-//)

FIMMEL, Friedrich (//-//)

FIMMEL, Auguste (//-//)

FIMMEL, Pauline (//-//)

FIMMEL, Carl (//-//)

FIMMEL, Bertha (//-//)

FIMMEL, Hermann (//-//)

FISCHER, Fritz (//-//). Merchant.

FOCRASTER/FEUSTEN, Paul (//-//). Merchant.

HARTZ, Adolph (//-//). Butcher.

HASE, Heinrich (//-//). Weaver.

HENKELER, Adolf (//-//). Merchant.

HOFFMANN, Hermann (//-//). Locksmith.

HOFFMANN, Mrs Hermann nee Ernestine ? (//-//)

HOFFMANN, Luise (//-//)

HOFFMANN, Richard (//-//)

HOFFMANN, Carl (//-//)

HOFFMANN, Anna (//-//)

JAHANNING, Wilhelm (//-//). Merchant.

JONSSON, Anders (//-//). Sailor.


KNOENAGEL, Carl (//-//). Ag labourer.

KNOENAGEL, Mrs Carl nee Luise ? (//-//)

KRUSCHANKA, Marie (//-//). Related to fellow passenger Anna Spade.

LOHMEYER, Julius (//-//). Engineer.

LOHMEYER, Adolph (//-//). Engineer.

MATYS, Stanislaus (//-//). Ag labourer.

MATYS, M (//-//)

MATYS, T (//-//)

MATYS, A (//-//)

MATYS, T (//-//)

MEYER, Friedrich (//-//). Carpenter.

MEYER, Mrs Friedrich nee E (//-//)

MUELLER/MULLER/MÜLLER, Carl August (//-//). Ag labourer.

NOSKE, Johann Heinrich (12/7/1837-8/5/1924). Born Nekla Hauland, Kreis Schroda, Posen, Prussia. Ag labourer from Posen. Continued by interstate vessel to Vic. Farmer; Coromba, Jeparit Vic. Lutheran.

NOSKE, Mrs Heinrich nee Johanne Wilhelmine KELM (4/3/1856-28/8/1949)

NOSKE, Olga Auguste (3/9/1874-20/11/1950)

NOSKE, Wilhelm Heinrich Ernst (20/9/1877-10/9/1883). Born Nekla Hauland, Kreis Schroda, Posen, Prussia, Germany. Died Coromba Vic, of injuries sustained from a falling log.

NOSKE, Auguste Emelie Friedericke (1/4/1865-22/11/1953). Born Nekla Hauland, Kreis Schroda, Posen, Prussia. Died Vic. Niece to fellow passenger Heinrich Noske. Housemaid; Adelaide. To Vic 1882 with her brother Carl Julis Noske.

PETERSEN, Robert J (//-//). Seaman.

POLST, Christian Benjamin (//-//). Ag labourer.

POLST, Mrs CB nee Christiane WEIS (//-//)

POLST, Otto (//-//)

POLST, Christiane (//-//)

POLST, Anna (//-//)

POLST, Wilhelm (//-//)

PREUSSER/PREUSKER/PRESSER, Carl (//-//). Merchant.

QUEENSELL, G (//-//)

RASMUSSEN, Teffa (//-//)

RASMUSSEN, Hans (//-//). Sailor.

ROEGER, Wilhelm (//-//). Joiner.

ROOSE, Moritz (//-//). Cooper.

SCHRADER, Hermann (//-//). Schoolmaster.

SCHREIBER, Anton (//-//). Joiner.

SCHREIBER, Mrs Anton nee Caroline ? (//-//)

SCHREIBER, Auguste (//-//)

SEMLER/SEMMLER, August (//-//)

SPADE, Annie (//-//). Related to fellow passenger Marie Kruschanke.

STACHE, Friedrich (//-//). Ag labourer.

STACHE, Mrs Friedrich nee Emilie ? (//-//)

STACHE, Martin (//-//)

STARICK, Martin (//-//). Ag labourer.

STARICK, Mrs Martin nee Anna ? (//-//)

STARICK, Max (//-//)

STARICK, Francisce (//-//)

STARICK, Fritz (//-//)

STARICK, Eliese (//-//)

STARICK, Martha (//-//)

STRUCKMAYER, Gustav (//-//)

VALTINK, Heinrich (//-//). Miller.

WALSCH, Friedrich Senr (//-//). Ag labourer.

WALSCH, Mrs Friedrich nee Dorothea ? (//-//)

WALSCH, Friedrich Junr (//-//)

WALSCH, Dorothea (//-//)

WIEMANN/WEISS, Lorenz (//-//). Shoemaker.

WILKE, Robert (//-//). Ag labourer. Farmer; Hundred of English.

WILKE, Mrs Robert nee Caroline KRUSCHKE (//-//)

WILKE, Marie (//-//)

ZANDER, Julius (//-//). Labourer.

ZIMMER, Theodor Gustav Ewald (//-//). Joiner.

ZIMMER, Hermann (//-//). Joiner.