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Steamer Marsala

94 passengers from Hamburg 9/10/1883



ABEL, Johann Christian (//c1855-//). From Kiel, Holstein, Prussia, Germany.

AGRICOLA, Mrs Leopold nee Christiane ADELBERT (//c1824-9/3/1889). Died Stepney SA. From Halle, Prussian Saxony, Germany. Likely mother of fellow passenger Mrs AET Berndt nee Marie Agricola.

BALK, Anna Auguste (22/12/1864-//). Born Adelaide SA. Of Adelaide. Returning to SA after a trip to Germany. Daughter of Carl Balk and Luise nee Mehrtens. Cousin to fellow passenger Mrs Heinrich Schmidt nee Maria Mehrtens. m 30/3/1887 Bride’s mother’s residence Adelaide, August Julius Richard JAENTSCH (//c1856-//) Father; Gottlieb. Settled; Palmerston, Shoal Bay NT, Norwood.

BAUMANN, Catherine (//c1825-//). From Hamburg, Germany.

BERNDT, Albert Eduard Theodor (//c1841-12/3/1910). Died Hackney SA. Merchant from Halle, Prussian Saxony, Germany.

BERNDT, Mrs AET nee Marie AGRICOLA (//c1847-//). Daughter of fellow passenger Mrs Leopold Agricola nee Christiane Adelbert.

BERNDT, Marie Alwine Elisabeth (//c1869/1872-//). m 9/8/1904 St Stephen Adelaide, Alfred John MCLEAN (//c1869/1872-//) Father; John.

BERNDT, Albert (//c1874-//)

BERNDT, Johannes Theodor Richard Carl (//c1876-//)

BERNDT, Johanne Helene (//c1879-//)

BLASCHE, Adolf D Theodor (//c1763-//). Painter from Bödesholm, Holstein, Prussia, Germany.

BOER/BOR/BÖR, Adolph Eduard (//c1857-//). Miller from Sebnitz, Prussian Saxony, Germany.

BORGMEYER, Heinrich Christian Carl (//c1845-//). Labourer from Liesdorf, Germany. Farmer; Crystal Brook, Wandearah, Telowie, Curramulka.

BORGMEYER, Mrs HCC nee Emma Luise TRINKS (//c1858-//1928). Born Magdeburg, Kreis Magdeburg, Prussian Saxony. Died Pt Pirie SA, at the Hospital. (Obit Chronicle 10/11/1928 p456a).

BORGMEYER, Johanne (//c1874-//)

BORGMEYER, Bertha (//c1881-//)

BORGMEYER, Anna (//c1882-//)

DELFS, Johann Friedrich (//c1861-//). Miller from Holstein, Prussia, Germany.

ECKHARDT, Peter (//c1855-//). Joiner from Einesbüttel, Hamburg, Germany.

ECKHARDT, Mrs Peter nee Anna Helene Wilhelmine BACKHUS (//c1861-//)

ECKHARDT, Anna Helene Paula (//c1881-//)

EISENBGERG, Friedrich Wilhelm (//c1858//). Butcher from Lüneberg, Hanover, Germany.

FREITAG, Oswald (//c1857-//). Miller from Sebnitz, Saxony, Germany.

FRIEDRICHS, Friedrich (//c1861-//). From Laningen, GD Brunswick, Germany.

FUHRMANN, Friedrich Adolph (//-//). From Burgen, Hanover, Germany.

FURST, Caspar (//c1845-//). Joiner/farmer Birkenzell, Würrtemburg, Germany.

FURST, Mrs Caspar nee Maria Ursula HAUBER (//c1848-//)

GEIGER, Wilhelm (//c1842-//). Shepherd from Rupputschofen, Würrtemburg, Germany.

GEIGER, Mrs Wilhelm nee Sarah (//c1846-//)

GEIGER, Christine (//c1870-//)

GEIGER, Luise Bertha (//c1874-//)

GEIGER, Wilhelmine (//c1875-//)

GOERKE/GORKE/GÖRKE, Reinhold (//c1860-//). From Scheffbeck, Holstein, Prussia, Germany.

HAUBER, Matthus (//c1856-//). Ag labourer from Gipsweiler, Würrtemburg, Germany.

HAUPT, Ferdinand Hermann (//c1847-//). Mason from Berlin, Mark Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany.

HAUPT, Mrs FH nee Caroline Ernestine HORN (//c1846-//)

HAUPT, Elisabeth Luise (//c1876-//)

HAUPT, Emma (//c1877-//)

HAUPT, Hermann (//c1878-//)

HAUPT, Anna (//c1880-//)

JESUMANN, Christian (//c1859-//). Joiner from Baiersdorf, Prussian Saxony, Germany.

KLENNER, Carl (//c1859-//). Butcher from Salzbrunn, Kreis Oppeln, Silesia, Prussia, Germany.

LENFFER, August Heinrich (//c1854-//). Carpenter from Hamburg, Germany.

LENFFER, Mrs AH nee Johanne Augustine ? (//c1856-//)

MARTIENSSEN, Mrs nee Maria ? (//c1848-//). Wife/widow from Barth, Kreis Stralsund, Pommern, Prussia, Germany.

MARTIENSSEN, Adolph Wilhelm (//c1865-//)

MARTIENSSEN, Johannes Wilhelm Robert (//c1870-//)

MARTIENSSEN, Johannes Carl Heinrich (//c1874-//)

MARTIENSSEN, Emil Ludwig Gustav (//c1881-//)

MEYER, Johann Heinrich Conrad (//c1830-//). Dyer from Lüneberg, Hanover, Germany.

MEYER, Mrs JHC nee Charlotte ? (//c1832-//)

MEYER, Carl (//c1858-//)

NITSCHKE, Anna Maria (//c1862-//). From Sebnitz, Saxony, Germany.

PFEIL, Heinrich Oscar (//c1852-//). Tailor from Sonnerberg, Baden, Germany.

PFEIL, Mrs HO nee Elisabeth BIRK (//c1855-//)

PFEIL, Elisabeth (//c1877-//)

PFEIL, Anna (//c1879-//)

PFEIL, Heinrich (//c1880-//)

PFEIL, Caroline (//c1882-//)

RUDOLPH, Carl Wilhelm Gustav (//c1855-//). Miller from Klein Rosen, poss Kreis Schweidnitz, Silesia, Prussia, Germany.

RUDOLPH, Julius Hermann (//c1859-//). From Klein Rosen, poss Kreis Schweidnitz, Silesia, Prussia, Germany.

RUDOLPH, Mrs JH nee Bertha Mathilde Auguste HILLMANN (//c1862-//)

RUMMEL, Pauline Luise Auguste (//c1869-//). Servant from Steinsel, Pommern, Prussia, Germany.

RUTZEN, Mrs FWA nee Emilie ? (//c1847-15/9/1906). Died Parkside SA (of Basket Range). Wife/widow from Steinsel, Pommern, Prussia, Germany.

RUTZEN, Christine Friedericke Auguste (//c1869-//). Servant from Steinsel, Pommern, Prussia, Germany.

SCHATZ, Otto Emil Ferdinand (//c1856-//). Joiner from Hamburg, Germany.

SCHATZ, Mrs OEF nee Emilie Anna OSTHOFF (//c1854-//)

SCHATZ, Dora Emilie (//c1879-//)

SCHATZ, Clara Wilhelmine (//c1882-//)

SCHMIDT, Johann Heinrich Nicholaus Senr (//c1845-//). Perhaps Clerk; Adelaide (Carrington St) or of Pirie St, Adelaide. Son of Johann Peter Nicholaus Schmidt. His arrival in SA not yet found. Returning to SA after a visit to Germany. m 10/1/1871 Congregational Church North Adelaide.

SCHMIDT, Mrs JHN nee Marie Luise Caroline MEHRTENS (3/11/1850-//). Born Adelaide SA. Daughter of Lüder Mehrtens and Wilhelmine nee Wolters. Cousin to fellow passenger Auguste nee Balk.

SCHMIDT, Heinrich (//c1874-//)

SCHMIDT, Gustav Louis (9/8/1875-//). Born Adelaide SA.

SCHMIDT, Luise Sophie Wilhelmine (5/1/1881-//). Born Adelaide SA.

SCHROETER, Charlotte (//c1861-//). Continued to Sydney.

SCHUBERT, Ernst Heinrich (24/2/1859-2/8/1905). Born Deutsch Paulsdorf, Kreis Löbau, Saxony. Died Murray Bridge SA. Mill labourer; Hahndorf then Farmer; Hahndorf, Swanport, White Hill (nr Murray Bridge). Lutheran. To SA cMarch 1882. Brother to Wilhelm and Hermann Schubert on the Marsala. m 12/2/1885 St Michael Hahndorf, Hulda nee Thiele (nb).

SCHUBERT, Ernst Wilhelm (12/5/1861-11/4/1929). Born Oehlisch, Kreis Löbau, Silesia, Prussia. Died Murray Bridge SA. Labourer from Paulsdorf, Kreis Löbau. Labourer; Hartley then Farmer; Mobilong, Rocky Gully. Lutheran. m 24/1/1889 St Michael Hahndorf, Wilhelmine nee Schneemilch (nb).

SCHUBERT, Ernst Hermann (//c1875-//). Silesia, Prussia. Died Murray Bridge SA. Labourer from Paulsdorf, Kreis Löbau. Labourer; Hartley then Farmer; Mobilong, Burdett. Lutheran. m 27/2/1908 Christ Church Murray Bridge, Lydia nee Thiele (nb).

SCHULTZ, Johann (//c1853-//). Butcher from Hamburg, Germany.

SCHULTZ, Mrs Johann nee Helene (//c1856-//)

SCHULTZ, Minna (//c1881-//)

SCHULTZ, Rudolph (//c1883-//)

SCHWARZ, Emil (//c1856-//). Ag labourer from Berlin, Mark Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany.

SEMMPF, Heinrich Friedrich (//c1861-//). Joiner from Laningen, GD Brunswick, Germany.

SIEGERS, Johann Rudolph Gottfried (//c1844-//). From Hamburg, Germany.

SIEGERS, Mrs JRG nee Henriette Luise Anna Sophia BAUMANN (//c1858-//)

SIEGERS, Friedrich (//c1875-//)

SIEGERS, Anna (//c1877-//)

SIEGERS, Minna (//c1883-//)

STAECKER/STACKER/STÄCKER, Johannes Julius August (//c1858-//). Carpenter/miller from Hamburg, Germany.

STAECKER/STACKER/STÄCKER, Mrs JJA nee Johanne Marie Wilhelmine GURKMANN (//c1857-//)

WEGNER, Wilhelm Heinrich (//c1853-//). Miller from Krakow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Prussia, Germany.

WEHLE, Wilhelmine Magdalene (//c1850-//). From Sebnitz, Saxony, Germany.

WULFERT, Wilhelm (//c1843-//). From Berlin, Mark Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany.

WULFERT, Mrs Wilhelm nee Anna ? (//c1850-//)

WULFERT, Röschen (//c1874-//)