I can recall many details about my great Aunt Lena's house and considering that she died in 1939 - I was quite young at the time.  I always loved the house.  It sat low to the ground with a long glassed in porch facing the back yard with a barn.  They had cows.  The hired man's, Lee Churchill, small log cabin was also in the yard.  I think he only had a bed, lamp and chair in the cabin.  Inside Aunt Lena's porch was cozy and used all the time.  The kitchen was kind of open off the porch.  I don't remember a dining room or living room.  It was all quite an open space for those times.  The kitchen was just wonderful.  It had a large wood burning cook stove, a large round table with the chairs, a large houser that seemed to always have a white cake with inch high brown sugar frosting in the bottom cupboard.  The had a big milk separator, which fascinated me.  





The telephone hung on the wall and when it rang - everyone on the road listened in.  Aunt Lena would call the operator to get any news going on in town.  Add a caption



Another memory was of going around the house to the "cold cellar", opening the cellar doors, and going down some stairs to the large pickle barrel.  I could barely reach inside to get a pickle.  I loved them.

Lee Churchill and the German Shepard dog, which everyone was afraid of - but I wasn't, would take me to go get the cows, which were across the road.   I think I even tried to milk one.  I do remember the little 3 legged stool that Lee sat on to milk and the pail, and the smell.

The house had dormer windows on the back so there must hve been bedrooms but I don't remember them.

Aunt Lena was my grandfather, John Toner's sister.  She was married to Sam Russell of Fort Fairfield, Maine.  They never had any children.



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