The Boise Soul food extravaganza was established in Boise in 1993 and was originally held at the Cathedral of the Rockies, near downtown Boise. The attendance rate of this event has increased dramatically over the years and in 1997 the Soul Food Festival was moved to Julia Davis Park and the Gene Harris band shell.

The event was created by the Treasure Valley Intercultural Association with the purpose of trying to inspire friendship, cultural enrichment and support for African American “pilgrims” of the Treasure Valley. The event also hopes to bring the community of Idaho together, so that all residents can learn about one another’s cultural backgrounds.

This event has grown throughout the last several years and has incorporated musical groups, family entertainment, food vendors and clothing vendors, providing a little something for everyone.

The Boise Soul Food event has established a committee to help keep the flavor and spirit of the event alive. Due to the overwhelming popularity and increasing size of the event individuals cooking out of their homes could no longer support the demand for food. Professional food services and facilities were solicited, under strict guidelines set forth by the committee. Angell's Bar & Grill, Brother Browns BBQ, Nagel Beverage, A Piece of Cake, United Dairymen and Boise Best Kettle Korn, are all long term food vendors that annually commit to making the Soul Food Extravaganza a success.

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