Local lore says that there's a hidden labyrinth of tunnels under Boise. These tunnels, known as the "Chinese tunnels" supposedly are located in the historic Boise area. Believers say Chinese immigrants in the late 1800's and early 1900s built these tunnels to escape the world above and move around the city without detection. Gambling, opium dens and other nefarious activities took place in the tunnels. A number of locations in downtown Boise are rumored to have access to these tunnels, including the Egyptian Theater and Hannafins Cigar Shop. Some say that the operation started when the Chinese launderers were forced to dig new drainage ditches in Boise's Chinatown to handle the water put out by their laundering. Non believers say that the tunnels are just a myth, and the mystery was generated by residents who were overly suspicious of the Chinese. Others vehemently defend the existence of the tunnels and hope one day to stumble into one!