The Hyde Park Street Fair is an annual event in Boise. It usually takes place on the third weekend in September and is always held at Camel’s Back Park in the North End. The Street Fair features live music and all sorts of other performers ranging from puppet shows to hula-hoopers. The music tends to be of the “jam-band” variety, consistent with the hippie-esque attendees. Vendors are everywhere at the Fair selling anything from deep-fried chicken legs to hemp necklaces. There are also many booths with non-profit organizations that supply information and solicit donations.

The first Hyde Park Street Fair took place in 1979. The event was held in the middle of 13th St. It was obviously much smaller then and not surprisingly had to be moved to the park as attendance grew. The first one to take place in the park was in 1990. The Northend Neighborhood Association eventually took over the management of it and they now currently benefit from the proceeds of the event. There are now over 120 booths each year.

Overall, it is a fun place to hang out, get some delicious (but bad for you) food, and listen to music. You must be prepared for lots of drunk (and often high) people though.

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