The Boise temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) sits at 1211 South Cole Road, near the intersection of Cole and Overland Rd. It was the 2nd LDS temple built in Idaho; there are currently three other temples in Idaho located in Twin Falls, Rexburg, and Idaho Falls. It rests on approximately 5 acres. The building itself is approximately 36,000 square feet. The temple’s proximity to the Edwards 21 Cinema provides an interesting contrast at night as both are brightly lit. Construction of the temple began in December of 1982 and was completed in April of 1984. In accordance with custom, the temple was dedicated in May of 1984, at which point the temple became open to eligible LDS members. The dedication was performed by Gordon B. Hinckley who would later become the 15th President of the LDS Church. The Boise temple was the 27th operating temple for the church. There are currently 135 temples, with 15 under construction. Immediately after opening, the Boise temple experienced a higher volume of patrons than expected, so the temple was expanded and rededicated in 1987. The temple is currently closed due to another expansion and renovation. It is expected to reopen sometime during mid to late 2012.

The LDS people hold their temples in great reverence. They view the ordinances which take place in the temple to be deeply sacred and for that reason they prefer to keep the activities performed therein private to outsiders. Out of respect, the activities will not be discussed here.

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