Manitou Park is located in a Southeast Boise neighborhood near Boise State University. The address is officially 2029 S Manitou Ave Boise, ID 83706.

This beautiful and peaceful park is 11-acers, with mature shade trees. It is a recreational park consisting of four tennis courts, one basketball court, two large children’s playgrounds, a sitting area with a table and chairs, and a large practice area. There are two bathrooms at Manitou Park, along with a water fountain, and a small sized parking lot. The bathrooms and water fountain operate seasonally.


Sitting Area

 The practice area turns into a dog park from sunrise to 10:00am and 4:00pm to sunset. The dogs are allowed to be off leash in a designated area, defined by a sign at the entrance of the park. 

A couple of dogs at the park... what a difference!

Beware though; don’t go later than 10:00am or before 4:00pm! A $75 ticket will be issued for being at the park too early, and if your pet is not licensed with Boise City, they fine you even more.