Farmers' Markets and Farm Markets1 are retail operations where farmers can sell their farm products. We distinguish below between a "Farmer's Market", where a number of farmers sell products in a single marketplace and a "Farm Market", where a single farm has its own store to sell its wares.

Growers, ranchers, and farmers sometimes sell seasonal produce and goods in little stands alongside country roads. Farm markets typically own their land and source one product entirely from one grower, like farm stands. Farmers' markets sell only space to vendors, and thus source competing products from several growers. Categorically, farm markets are stores, while farmers markets are marketplaces. Different sections within the New York State Agriculture & Market law apply to each.

Farmers' Markets

Farmers markets are open-air marketplaces where growers, ranchers, farmers, and other vendors can sell produce and other goods directly to consumers. Smaller ones spring up in parking lots almost every day of the week throughout Greater Buffalo.

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Farm Markets

The Buffalo region has a great selection of nifty little farm markets.

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