About 1 in 5 Americans live with a mental illness. Many go undiagnosed due to stigma surrounding the subject. Mental health is a continuous process that requires patience and endurance. Treatment can include therapy (group/solo), medication, a combination thereof, or other individual coping methods. Listed below are just a few of the many programs/organizations in Buffalo that promote mental health and the treatment of mental illness.


Mental Health Advocates of of WNY (formerly Mental Health Association of Erie County)

Offers a wide variety of services for those with a mental illness as well as family/friends, including anonymous mental health screenings (disclaimer: screenings are not meant as a diagnostic tool. For a diagnosis, please consult a medical professional)

Contact Info
Website www.eriemha.org
Phone 716-886-1242

999 Delaware Avenue

Buffalo, NY 14209


Buffalo Psychiatric Center

The Buffalo Psychiatric Center is a branch of the NYS Office of Mental Health. It is one location in a network of treatment centers that offer inpatient and outpatient services, as well as Rehabilitation Centers.

Contact Info The Richard Olmsted Complex opened in 1880 as the Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane
Website omh.ny.gov
Phone 716-885-2261

400 Forest Avenue

Buffalo NY



Erie County Mental Health Page

The official Mental Health page of the Erie County Department of Mental Health, provides further information for mental health services in Erie County

Commisioner of Mental Health Michael R. Ranney
Website www2.erie.gov
Phone (716) 858-8530

Department of Mental Health

Edward A Rath City Office Building

95 Franklin Street, Room 1237

Buffalo, NY 14202




National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Buffalo/Erie County

An all volunteer organization that aims to provide support for those with mental illnesses, as well as friends/family. Provides a number of support services/therapy options. (disclaimer: All volunteers have had years of experience dealing with mental illness and the mental health system). Also offers additional information and facts

Contact Info
Website www.namibuffalo.org
Phone (716) 223-6264
Mailing Address

P.O. Box 146

Buffalo NY 14223



Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition

A movement designed to fight the stigma surrounding mental illness, comprised of prominent mental health groups in the area. They offer an open dialogue as well as a pledge you can talk to talk about mental health

Website letstalkstigma.org





Crisis Services

Website crisisservices.org
Erie County Crisis Services

(716) 834-3131

24-Hour Addiction Hotline (716) 831-7007
Kids' Helpline

(716) 834-1144


24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline (716) 862-HELP
For Domestic Violence Shelter (716) 884-6000
24-Hour Domestic/Sexual Violence Hotline 1-800-942-6906