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695 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14209
Every Sunday:
   Summer Worship begins at 10:00 am, Regular 11:00 am Sunday Worship services resume on Sept. 9th.
Every Monday:
  Food-not-Bombs 11:00 — all are welcome!
Every Tuesday:
  beginning September 11: Folk Dancing with Joe Malkiewicz — all are welcome!
Every Thursday:
  Choir 7:30 (auditions required call 668-1124)
Every First Tuesday:
  Discussion Group at 7:30 — all are welcome!
Every First Friday:
  Dance Alive — music, poetry, drumming for people of all ages 6:30 to 9:00 — everyone welcome, $5 donation suggested (but all are welcome!)
Every Second Wednesday:
  Dances of Universal Peace 7:30 pm
(716) 885-2136
[email protected]
December, 1831

Plaque with hours and info. No Nukes!

Unitarian Universalist is a local church.

From the web page:

    "Our Congregation was originally a Universalist church and a Unitarian church, and the two merged into the present congregation with its long name in 1953."

    "Asking a Unitarian Universalist what we are expected to "believe" is like asking an orthodox Jew which cut of pork is their favorite. Unitarian Universalists generally find that belief, like life, is a journey. Our beliefs may have been thrust upon us by experience or by the spirit, while other beliefs we choose so we can live with integrity. We do share in the belief that dogmas requiring specific beliefs are neither logical nor helpful in the spiritual journey, yet we do require that each person shape or choose their beliefs and act from them so that the world is blessed and so that we do not cause harm to self or others1."



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1. Our Beliefs