The Picnooga Facebook Page celebrates the history of Chattanooga, TN and its historical vicinity through photographic images and personal retrospects from local residents and historians. Although we are NOT a non-profit organization that is listed by state or federal we are still in need of your donations.

Our digital collection of photos and other media comes from various regional and international archives, libraries, private collections, authors and submitted digital donations from individuals.  We rely heavily on our users to provide rare or seldom seen images and artifacts. Our goal is to become Chattanooga’s largest digital media archive and reference, collecting and preserving glimpses of the past and providing a detailed learning source for generations forward.

Through the cooperation of established partnerships with Southtree.comThe Cherokee Regional Library System, other local, state and federal libraries and archives.  Also with the help of private collectors, individuals, local companies, authors and local historians, we are building a sizable collection to be ready for launch of later in 2014.  We have gotten an overwhelming positive response since this project was announced.