This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.




1403 5th Street in Suite B
Mon-Wed 9am-5pm
Thu 2:30pm-5pm
Fri 9am-5pm


"The Davis Holistic Health Center Has Closed

"After serving Davis and the surrounding communities for 28 years, as of May 31st, the Davis Holistic Health Center has permanently closed its doors. Despite all our efforts to remain open, we found that, when the lease expired, the rent was set beyond our reach. So, we made the very difficult decision to close the center. While I am sad that this has happened, I understand that I must enter a new chapter in my life and hope that you all can understand that this was going to happen at some point anyway.  It just came a bit sooner than I had hoped. I am thankful for the many people that have supported me and the center over the years. First, I want to thank all our patients who chose us to provide them with quality holistic care.  It has been an honor to serve all of you and I wish all of you the best Secondly, I would like to thank all the teachers and practitioners that have worked at the center and supported our vision as they have worked to serve our community with integrative care. Third, I would like to give special thanks to our staff who have worked hard to listen and respond to everyone’s needs.  Thank you for giving your best to help all who have sought our care. It has been a privilege to provide care and support to everyone and I sincerely hope that you can find other dedicated and talented practitioners to support you and your family.

"Blessings to you all!

"Brian Dempsey

"Please Note: Rasa Sammy, L.Ac. will continue to practice in Davis at a different location.  She can be reached at [530-771-7421]."


Davis Holistic Health Center offers a wide variety of alternative medical services under one roof. Recently moved to 1403 5th Street, the Davis Holistic Health Center has been in Davis since 1992 offering quality service for Davis and the surrounding communities of Sacramento, Vacaville, Dixon, Winters and Fairfield.

"Whether you are looking for acupuncture, massage, counseling, or meditation and yoga classes, our practitioners and teachers bring years of experience to helping you regain health and wholeness."

Services offered through Davis Holistic Health Center include

Many of the Asian Classics Institute classes are taught here.


  • Brian Dempsey Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist (email Brian)

Brian Dempsey, L.Ac, is the acupuncturist and herbalist for the Davis Holistic Health Center and is the founder and owner of the Davis Holistic Health Center. He has practiced acupuncture and herbal medicine for the past 18 years. After graduating from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Cheng Du College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dempsey began practice in Davis as director and practitioner of the Davis Holistic Health Center in 1993. Brian is also a founding member of the Sutter Center for Integrative Health and teaches as an adjunct teacher at the Davis Medical School. He has taught hatha yoga since 1979.

Brian treats a variety of health problems including pain conditions such as muscle strain, sciatic, bursitis, numbness and tingling symptoms and shooting pain. He also treats migraine and tension headaches, neck tension, whiplash and low back pain. Brian also follows the NIH protocols on acupuncture treatments for arthritis, including degenerative disc disease to assist patients with pain due to this condition.

In addition to pain conditions, Brian also treats fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Irritable bowel, chrones, gastritis and other common GI conditions. He is also completing a book on natural treatments for the common cold including chronic conditions such as a low immune system, chronic cough and chronic allergies. Brian also has experience in weight loss, hormonal problems such as PMS and menopause, liver disorders such as Hepitis or portal hypertension and insomnia. Many of Brian’s patients have insurance that covers acupuncture treatment. For an appointment, call 530-758-7525.


  • Rebecca Pope, PhD holds the rank of Master of Medical Qigong (a branch of Chinese Medicine). She has practiced qigong and tai chi for decades and trained in Medical Qigong through the International Instutute of Medical Qigong, She teaches public classes and sees private clients who want to use qigong for specific health or emotional issues. She is a member of the practitioner team at the Sutter Center for Integrative Health.
  • Janet Papale (RYT 500) has taught yoga since 1994. Reflecting the two traditions in which she has trained, Iyengar and Krishnamacharya, her teaching focuses on respecting the unique needs of every individual, uncovering obstacles, and helping students find ways to honor body, energy, mind, emotion, and spirit. She maintains a close relationship with her principal inspiration and mentor, Israeli teacher Gila Zion. She has completed a 500 hour Iyengar-based teacher training with Donald Moyer and Mary Lou Weprin, focusing on asana and pranayama, and including kinesiology with Judith Lasater and pranayama with Richard Rosen. Mentored by Ann Rogers, she is a certified teacher with the Krishnamacharya Healing Yoga Foundation in Chennai, India, and has attended trainings with Desikachar. She has also recently completed a training is restorative yoga with Judith Lasater and is a certified Relax and Renew trainer.
  • Lin Turner has been teaching yoga for over 30 years. She has received training from Ananda Yoga center and has served as an adjunct teacher for their yoga teacher training. Lin Turner has a philosophy of creating a safe class to explore poses in an environment that helps students to cultivate awareness and relaxation. Private sessions available. (530) 757-2780.
  • Armita Pishdadi completed a 200-hour training with Dennis Eagan at BO Tree in Davis and specialty training in Prenatal and Postnatal yoga with Jane Austin at Yoga Tree in San Francisco. Armita continues to deepen her teaching through continued study with various teachers, believing we are all lifelong students of yoga.
  • Brian Dempsey has been trained since 1981 and has been trained through the Mt. Madonna Center Yoga Teacher Training Program as well as with Jennifer Lynn, Judith Lasiter and many other teachers.
  • Jenna McAsey has been certified through Integrative Yoga Therapy and has been teaching Yoga for 12 years in Davis. She studied also with Agi Jacob and Judith Lasater in Iyengar and Restorative Yoga. Her recent certification is in Kundalini Yoga - as taught by Yogi Bhajan and she is enthusiastic to now offer the energetic practice of Kundalini Yoga in Davis. Kundalini yoga classes are suitable for adults , include ecxercise, breathwork, chanting, meditation and relaxation. new students please call for more info: 530 756 4494
  • Denise Dempsey and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programs, Massage and Bodywork, has moved to a new Davis location. Visit for more information or call 530-304-4341 or email Denise at [email protected].