address 322 Shirley Avenue  Norfolk, VA 23507

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Maury high school or the schools full name Matthew Fontaine Maury high school  one of five city public high schools this is a high school located in the Ghent area of Norfolk, Virginia . Maury High school one of the oldest schools in Norfolk since being founded of fall 1910 the school was also renovated in 1986. This high school is one of Norfolk's Historical landmark and has some distinguished alumni in which includes G.William Whitehurst and the first African American of the Virginia state supreme court John Charles Thomas. The high school also has a great medical program which has a good connection with EVMS (Eastern Virginia medical school). They even have great college credit courses with it's advance placement (AP) Programs.. Maury high school has also has the VO-TECH program where students go to the Norfolk technical center in which help students get certified with a trade.

The mission of Maury high school is to the cornerstone of a historic and distinguished community, is to empower all students to meet the challenges of a global society as distinguished by  ,nurturing confident, ethically responsible leaders . providing opportunities for students to participate in well-rounded curricular and extra-curricular programs and ,encouraging cultural respect. one of the original faculty members named Elizabeth Gillespie was interviewed in the high school article about the school. To quote one of the last sentences she said that " Maury High School has had so many warm friends in Norfolk, so rich a heritage of worth while scholarship in teaching staff and graduate students that the future success should be assured".

 Matthew Fontaine Maury High is ranked 26th within Virginia. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® course work and exams. The AP® participation rate at Matthew Fontaine Maury High is 61 percent. The student body makeup is 47 percent male and 53 percent female, and the total minority enrollment is 66 percent. Matthew Fontaine Maury High is 1 of 5 high schools in the Norfolk City Public Schools.here.1

 Maury high school is a very multicultural school with different community back grounds having students from Ghent, Lamberts point, park place, and Shoop Park. Maury high school has many different cultures with students from the upper class to lower class and students with different religions from Jewish, Muslims and Christians. The high school has many different sports teams from football basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, lacrosse etc. They even have an excellent music programs that have gained many awards and accomplishments. Their band and orchestra are usually participated every year in the holiday parade. The choral program has won award and some of the students who participate have went to districts and all state. They also have programs to make sure that the students have the opportunity so they would be successful after high school graduation. They have programs for example taking tours to universities and offering trades school programs.

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