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Founded in 1930 as a satellite campus of William & Mary University. It became an independent accredited university in 1969 and has grown since then.

Old Dominion campus spans both sides of Hampton Blvd between 42nd and 49th street. 

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What can Monarchs do for fun around here? 

  • The Edge
  • P-Franks Happy Hour
  • Granby Street Theatre
  • Mojo Bones
  • The Wave Club


Student Life Hacks 

What should every Monarch know about?

Food Tips

  • Dollar Pizza Slices at Del Vecchio's Pizza from Monday-Friday 2-5 PM. Cheese or Pepperoni
  • Get a 12% discount on food by using your flex points and loading your meal plan
  • Low on cash and hungry: Check out student events on campus, most have some sort of free food!

Getting Around

  • You can park in any parking spot on campus after 3:45 WITH any valid parking pass.
  • HRT BUS passes are free to all students at the Parking and Transportation Building (Good for Buses, Rails, and Net Buses) 
  • Zip Cars are avaliable on campus; the annual fee is waived if signed up through ODU 

Student life

  • To meet new people, attend university and student functions  to be exposed to new opportunities! 
  • FREE PRINTING- Most academic buildings have their own free printing system. Skip the library or WEBB and hit up the local department. 
  • Give up your swipes! near the end of the semester you won't want to use them. Share them and make a new friend.