Born: 1868

Died: 1934

Married: Jane Hopkins Fairchild


Frederick L. Fairchild came to Saranac Lake with his wife, for her health. He remained here after her death, and was chosen as a member of the board of trustees of the hospital given in her memory. Frederick L. Fairchild and his wife Jane are buried in Pine Ridge Cemetery.

Meriden [CT] Weekly Republican, April 24, 1913


Redfield Proctor and Sister, Miss Emily Proctor, Remember Rare Courage of Mrs. Frederick Fairchild, a Former Meriden Woman, and Perpetuate Memory at Saranac Lake.

The memory of a Meriden woman of lovable and courageous character has been honored by the dedication of a $25,000 hospital at Saranac lake, N. Y., the famous health resort for tuberculosis sufferers. Mrs. Jane Hopkins Fairchild, wife of Frederick Fairchild, who died at Saranac lake in 1908, is the woman remembered in this significant way. Miss Emily Dutton Proctor and Redfield Proctor, the daughter and son of the late Senator Proctor, of Vermont, are the donors of this Institution.

It is called the Saranac Lake General hospital and the formal opening was held March 11, 1913.

The Proctors were patients at Saranac lake in the winter of 1904-1905 regaining their health by a six months residence. Among the people with whom they were closely associated were Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Fairchild, who had been there from 1903 for the benefit of Mrs. Fairchild's health. Dr. Norman McLeod Carter, who went there in 1903 was also in this circle. The brave examples set by Mrs. Fairchild and Dr. Carter, who were both tuberculosis sufferers, made a strong impression on the Proctors, which have been remembered in the years that have intervened since their deaths. Dr. Carter died in Switzerland after spending a few years at Saranac lake. . . .

Mr. Fairchild, who is a son of Henry E. Fairchild of this city, is still a resident of Saranac lake and has been chosen as a member of the board of trustees of the new hospital. . . . Mr. Fairchild when a resident of Meriden was employed by the H. Wales Lines Co., and was in charge of the construction of a number of their buildings out of town.

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